The “Make My Wife Laugh” $25 Contest

If you think I have been cantankerous on my blog lately, you should live with me everyday. My poor wife can’t escape my lunacy. I personally don’t THINK I am being difficult but I have vowed to cut back on huffing Pam and gold paint. Maybe that will help.

Anyway, here is the plan. You write a guest blog (with full credit) and the one that my wife thinks is funniest wins $25. Pretty simple, eh?

Please send to for consideration. As to the prize payout, I would MUCH prefer to buy you a CD, DVD, or book if you win via Amazon. That would make my life so much easier. I guess I could also do it by Paypal. We will figure it out.

This is legit and open to all comers. Entries can start today through next weekend, 3/8/09. The contest is open to the entire world but my wife can only read English or British. Anything else, unless it is loaded with pictures, is likely going to be a loser.

I will post the winner here as well as anything else she thinks is worthy. If you have thin skin, please don’t enter. I don’t need to be tracked down and gutted over $25.

Good luck!!! TL

4 Responses to The “Make My Wife Laugh” $25 Contest

  1. Ram Venkatararam says:

    Hard to imagine what would make your wife laugh…

    Hard to imagine a wife at all actually. She is real, right? Not the type of wife you deflate after use and then store in a box under your bed? Because that kind of wife is harder to make laugh.

    Though I’m confident you could do it!

    Sorry TL, couldn’t resist.

    • tannerleah says:

      Ram – How dare you sully the the good name of Mrs. Tannerleah? First of all, she is much more suede than plastic. Second, I know she is real because it explains why my wallet is always empty. It also explains why my bed has something like 60 pillows on it. More is better I guess.

      She loves your site by the way so her “humor bar” is clearly set quite low. (TL returns serve!)

      • Ram Venkatararam says:

        Glad she likes the site. I’m really just here to try and steal your readership anyway, so if I get the occasional wife thrown in as well – bonus!

        You’ll have ample opportunity to crucify me at WIBs place. A rather unforunate typo on my part.

        • tannerleah says:

          Ram – As it happens, I did happen to stop by WIB’s site. Thank you for the soft ball. It brought a little joy to my Friday night. You are quite the man, aren’t you Ram Rod? Ash and lads indeed.

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