When Did Michelle Obama Become So BLACK?

Take a look at this photo from Reuters of Michelle:


Wow! All of the sudden she is black with a capitol “B”! When did this happen? Maybe she was out in the sun too long when they were in Hawaii. But, hell, that was over 2 months ago. It has been nothing but cold in DC since then. Maybe she goes to a tanning salon but I somehow doubt she has the time, or desire, for such things.

No, this is another case of a news organization “O.J.’ing” a black person. You know, the magazine cover where they made OJ look darker so he would seem more menacing? Now they are giving the same treatment to Michelle. One day she has the tone of Halle Berry and now she looks like Flava Flav.

Where is the outrage? This is the kind of stuff that Sharpton should be raising hell about…not the damned monkey cartoon. And please, don’t try to explain it away as a “lighting problem”. How come those same “problems” don’t happen to whitey?

What is remarkable about this is how brazen the media is about such things. TMZ released the Rhianna photo and the masses just assumed it was real. Who said so? I can create the same photo in about 10 minutes time with the software that is available today. But the lemmings just keep marching slowly to the cliff…

Look, I think Michelle is a fairly attractive woman. Granted, she needs to keep those big teeth under control but, overall, she makes a good FLILF. But when you post a photo that makes her look like she just crawled out of a coal mine after a 12 hour shift, well, I have a problem with that.

So Reuters, get your sh** together. This is our First Lady that you are throwing under the bus. I am not cool with that. If you can’t get a decent photo, then just don’t print one. Better yet, get a new camera! (I have a very nice Kodachrome that would do a fine job and can be had for a fairly small fee).

Michelle, I apologize for the racist whiteys out there that continue to make your race an issue. I say it’s about time we had a first lady with some good looking junk in her trunk. (And that can also dance a mean “bump”). Mrs. First Lady, you can fist me anytime you like. God bless you and God bless America. TL.

13 Responses to When Did Michelle Obama Become So BLACK?

  1. OK, maybe the picture is a little dark, but she has to take some of the responsibility unless she lets someone else completely dress her. She should know that the color of clothes can either enhance, or detract from your natural color. I’m a dude and I know that. Since I have dark hair and am pretty tanned. If I wear dark clothes I’m going to appear darker…conversely I’ll appear lighter with white, or yellow clothing. It’s just a matter of physics. She needs more light and a better choice of clothes.
    I hardly think there is a conspiracy here…OJ, maybe.

    If you’re going to be that sensitive about a picture you’ve got a long four years ahead of you. Public figures, all public figures, are going to be trashed in every possible way.


    • tannerleah says:

      Tom – I just added you to my “racist” pile. (And it is a pretty danged big pile…ask Liz). Clearly, this was an effort by the vast, far right wing conspiracy peeps that are trying to bring this country down to sully our FLILF. Shame on them!

      (And now that you mention it, you do look kind of colored in your picture).

      (Michael, I keep impressing you a little more everyday, don’t I?)

  2. Clearly you are correct. There are literally thousands of photographers lurking around the White House, and all along the Strip eagerly awaiting their chance at bringing America to her knees with poor photography and awkward moments.


    • tannerleah says:

      Thank you Tom. It takes a real man to admit he was wrong. Glad we are on the same team again.

      PS – Any tips on how to make my porn stache grow faster?

      EDIT: I just visited your site and it said you were leaving and “off the grid”. Where the hell ya going? You just got here. Stick around!

  3. Thanks, just when I was getting in touch with my feminine side now I’m going to be a real man again.

    As for the stache, you could try spreading some Ghia pet stuff there, but the green might be a bit darker than you prefer.

    Off the Grid is going away, But I’ll be back on my meds soon and with the proper mixture of zanax, trazadone and Ambien there’ll be a bigger, better, more focused blog.


  4. Doug says:

    The sad thing is the underlying societal belief that “blacker” is worse. Why is it bad for a black person to get darker while millions of white people lay around worshiping the sun in an effort to darken up? The double standard even exists within the black community where people are judged differently based upon the darkness of their skin or how kinky their hair is. Double standards I tell you!

  5. Doug Panther says:

    Au contraire, mon TL. While I am “of color” my British heritage has robbed me of both the pigment and penis that are rightfully mine.

    • tannerleah says:

      Doug – Not that I am encouraging it but have you ever taken a stab at a dead chick? (Well, not really stab…except in the penile sense…oh, nevermind.)

      PS. I dind’t know you spoke Italian? Damn, you learn something new everyday…por favor. (favoor in British talk).

  6. Michael says:

    She does look different, I don’t think that hairstyle is very flattering. It’s as though she is trying to look more stately and mature, when I thought part of the appeal with the Obama’s is that they were still generationally relevant.

  7. art vandelay says:

    What does it matter how dark she is? She’s still BLACK. Milk chocate, dark chocolate…still all chocolate. Are you somehow suggesting Miss Berry is less black because she’s lighter? Yes, she does have a white mother–as does Barry but the bottom line is this: When you mix white milk with chocolate milk you always get chocolate milk. Period. And don’t even call me racist either…I’m okay with being called white milk so what’s the big deal??

    • tannerleah says:

      Art – Of course it matters. Name the number of light skinned successful Americans versus dark skinned. Why do you think to this day many people of color straighten their hair and avoid the sun? They realize that whitey gets more nervous as the color darkens. It is, of course, silly but it is also true.

      Personally, I don’t like chocolate milk. I used to but then it started to cop an attitude in the 70’s. Homey don’t play that. (That is me, occasional white man, sounding like a brother. Pretty cool, huh?)

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