Satanist Inmate Sues County For Discrimination

February 21, 2009

Jason Paul Indreland has filed  a $10 million lawsuit against Yellowstone County (in Montana) for civil rights discrimination. Included in the complaint is an allegation that the county is prohibiting Jason from practicing his satanic religion. The suit goes on to say that the complainant had a religious medallion confiscated and he was denied access to a “Satanic Bible or Book of Satanic Rituals”. On top of these complaints, Jason alleges that he was discriminated and harassed because of his religious beliefs and placed in situations where “violence was expected”.

According to Jason, he has been practicing Satanism for the past decade. Her is a photo of the servant of Satan:


Jason is currently serving 5 years at the Montana State Prison for a meth arrest. Here is an example of some of the persecution that he faced as written in his complaint. “Christian natured greeting cards under (his) cell door describing how he was going to undertake a huge change in his life and how Jesus was ready to save and accept him.” Obviously, for a Satanist, the whole Jesus thing is a bit of a problem.

So, what to make of all of this? Pretty silly, eh? Here’s a little test. Go back and read this again and insert Jesus or Christian into the appropriate areas. Still ridiculous? I suspect most Christians would say that if this kind of harassment was happening to a follower of Christ, this would be entirely unacceptable. Can you imagine any state taking a crucifix away from a prisoner or denying them access to the Bible? It would never happen.

Here is what I don’t understand. If you can believe in God / Jesus because of the Bible, then surely you could equally believe in Satan since she is also in the Bible, no? So why is Jason’s complaint any less legitimate? Because he is not part of the majority? Don’t get me wrong, I find most complaints by prisoners to be frivolous. You know why? Because they are in prison! They did the crime now they can do the time…with their mouth shut.

Still, it is remarkable to me that state officers would be trying to help Jason “find Jesus” (Once again, Jesus has gone missing. Get the Amber Alert going). Would they accept Jason slipping Satan cards under their doors? Highly doubtful. This is, at its core, the continuing problem for all religions of the world. The “my way or the highway” doctrine. If you don’t believe in MY God the way that I believe in MY God, by the rules that I follow, then somehow, you are less of a person for it. Worse, you are going to burn in hell. Just being “Left Behind” is not good enough. (By the way, the first couple of those books were quite enjoyable).

So, all of my Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, etc. friends. I call on all of you to respect the rights and privileges we are afforded as human beings. Respect the Pentagram! (Or ox head or virginal sacrifice or whatever the hell else Devil worshippers are up to these days. I guess I need to watch the satanic Twilight again).

Amen and Hallelujah. Brother TL.

PS: Am I gay if I am sitting here listening to Alanis Morissette? (“I’m sick but I’m pretty”…love that line).