My Cross Is Bigger Than Your Cross!

February 13, 2009

This is the message that the Sagemont Church in Houston seems to be trying to express. How else can you explain their building a 170 foot tall cross? That’s about the size of a 15 story building. Here is a photo of the gigantic looking thing:


Not exactly subtle, is it? Pastor John Morgan explains it like this: “The purpose is for people to know how special they are to God,” he said. “We want them to look at it and remember that God loves them.” Hmm…maybe that is true. However, when I look at it, I see a garish object built to satisfy the egos of self righteous people.

Look, I understand that Jesus was a carpenter so if you are going to make a wooden cross, you want to do it right. But c’mon, 170 feet? That is just ridiculous. It can now be added to all of the other mega crosses and mega churches around the country. Do you think all of this mega religious stuff has anything to do with money?

I suppose, to be fair, most depictions of Christ on the cross have him on a really big one and the other two criminals on smaller ones. So maybe having a bigger cross is important. Not to be outdone, Grace Community Church is going to build a 150 ft cross just a few miles down the road. Maybe they can hang a wire between the two crosses and sell rides during the summer. That would be awesome!

Some of the heathen neighbors of the church are not really digging the cross. Seems the lights shine brightly into their homes at night. Plus, their “view” out of the window now consists mostly of a big, white blob. Well, as Jesus would say, “Shut the hell up and stop complaining!” They need to embrace the cross. In fact, my hope is that the local Jewish synagogue puts up a Ferris wheel shaped liked a Star of David that is 300 feet tall. That would really make Jesus proud!

So, once again, religious folks are allowed to do whatever the hell they want. Do you think someone could put up a 170 sign that says “Jesus is not real”? Didn’t think so. In this country, you will embrace the cross…period. Even if I embraced this premise, which clearly I don’t, what does all of this have to do with God and spirituality?

How much do you think all of these mega crosses and mega churches cost? How many meals could this church have served the hungry in Houston for the price of this monstrosity? And why can’t the flock that approve these type of stupid things not see the irony here? Don’t get me wrong…many churches do an outstanding job in supporting their communities. But these kinds of things should embarrass anyone of any faith.

I have to go now. I am erecting a massive cross shaped in the letters of 3 K’s stacked on top of each other. It is going to be 200 feet tall and stands for, “Khrist Kherishes Khildren”. Do you see how I cleverly replaced the C’s with K’s? That’s to attract the young people. (This is copyrighted…don’t even think of stealing it). My first triple K cross will go up in Alabama because property is cheap there.

Remember, Jesus loves you and so does Tannerleah.