Hey Kate + 8 Lady: Shut Yer Yapper!

February 3, 2009

I am flipping through the channels last night and land on Larry King. Quickly, I glean that they are having a discussion about the woman that just had 8 children. They are also discussing the fact that she already had 6 children and maybe, just maybe, she had some sort of emotional issues. (You can’t sneak anything past Larry).

I found this conversation boring and was about to turn the channel when I recognized one of the guests as the lady from Jon and Kate Plus 8. I figured since she also had a massive brood that she would be sympathetic towards the mother of 14. But, to my surprise, she actually had a problem with it! She went on to say how awesome she and Jon are as parents and how they can “barely” control the 8 they have. She couldn’t imagine haven’t 14!

Listen here you hypocritical, mouth breathing, money whoring sellout. You have no right whatsoever criticizing a woman who, for the most part, did exactly what you did. It has as much validity as Alec Baldwin writing a book called, “How to Effectively Communicate With Your Children”. Or Stalin saying to Hitler, “Dude, you really are a little too rough on your peeps”.

You would think that if anyone would be sympathetic to this woman’s position, it would be you. Surely, when you blasted out your six kids from your super sized vagina,┬áthere were critics all over the place questioning what you did. Why would you attack someone that is under the very same type of scrutiny?

I know why. Because crazy lady plus 8 (plus 6) now has a more compelling story than you do. Imagine if TLC said, “Gee Kate, your situation was interesting but this story is hot! Sorry, we have to cut the cord”. What in the world would Kate do then? Would she have to get, gulp, a job? Would all of the free crap they now get just disappear? Would the fame and fortune she acquired on the back of her babies evaporate? Yes, this line of thinking makes her reaction much more easy to understand.

Look, the truth is that, as near as we can tell, this woman that had 8 kids is a nut. And yes, she might also whore her kids out to the highest bidder. But even if she does, Kate doesn’t get to weigh in on the discussion. Another social issue resolved by TL.