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February 1, 2009

Iraq Election

(I’m sorry…I have mental health issues).

Springsteen Is A Money Whore? Gee…You Don’t Say.

February 1, 2009

Some fans of the Boss are upset by the fact that he is selling his new greatest hits album through an exclusive deal through Wal-Mart. (AC/DC did the same thing with their latest, Black Ice). The gripe is that Wal-Mart has a lot of labor issues and Bruce is supposed to be pro labor. Really? Is this still 1972 when Bruce had to work for a living? If you think this guys has any kind of connection with the average guy, you are sadly mistaken.

And is the labor situation the only issue you have with Wal Mart? This is the same store that won’t sell you a Playboy but will happily sell you a shotgun. This is the same place that finally made the Adolph Hitler birthday cake when other stores refused. Wal Mart is the ultimate whore of whores, financially. They will do anything to make a buck. Having said that, they serve a purpose. Our consumptive nation needs to be fed and be fed on the cheap. Nikes made by kids in a sweatshop? I wouldn’t dare buy them. What’s that? 2 pairs for the price of one? I’ll take four. They are only serving the needs of our union.

Bruce is doing the same thing. He is trying to speak to the masses. What else is there for him to accomplish? Musically, he has done just about everything a person can do. I think the Super Bowl was about the last remaining untapped challenge. We can all watch him perform and reminisce about the glory days. Life will be good as we watch on our big screen TVs and consume copious amounts of food and beverages. Again,  this is an American tradition.

I wish I could think of a popular artist that has remained true throughout their careers. There are a few that come close. Petty, The Dead, Dylan and less popular people like Warren Zevon and Lou Reed. Although, even these artists have come perilously close to selling out. But I don’t blame them or any other high paid person. Also, I don’t mean to single out musicians. Celebrities, athletes, and even Board of Directors members sell out on a regular basis. I am always amused when the CEO trashes a company and then is immediately welcomed with open arms by another company. It is quite an exclusive club.

As for me, I would sell out in the blink of an eye…I think. I would like to think that I would stay grounded and cling to my core convictions. But let’s face it; if you have the chance to grab the brass ring, who among is going to say no? And if you have already reached a particular plateau, aren’t you expected to take it to an even higher level? It’s human nature so we should give Bruce a break. Yes, he is a money grubbing whore but wouldn’t we all be if the opportunity presented itself?

So Sarah, Jen, Halle, Salma, and Monica (Lewinsky not Bellucci) you might still have a chance but I can’t make any promises.