School Closings Are Out Of Control!

Mama Cakes asked me what I thought about the rash of school closings, due to weather, that seem to plague our society today. Specifically, what has changed since the 60’s and 70’s where we were sent to school under basically any circumstances?

I would have to say most, if not all of it, is driven by the fear of lawsuits. I know a school bus wrecked in Indiana a while ago in bad weather and I am sure some lawsuits will come from it. It is the fear of litigation that drives most of our public policies these days.

What is odd about it is how virtually every school district has its own set of rules. Where I live, if the temp is -5, school is closed. I suspect if they had that rule in Alaska, their peeps would not be very bright. (Insert Sarah Palin joke here).

As far as ice and snow, I am sure there is some rule but it is unclear to me. For my son, it is like waiting for the lottery numbers to come in. “Come on lucky 7 inches!” 

The problem with all of these closings and 2 hour delays is the stress it puts on parents and businesses. Back in the day, unless everyone was staying home, the kids went to school and the parents went to work. Now, parents find out at 9pm that school will be closed tomorrow. What are they supposed to do with their kids? Work sure isn’t closed. It is a burden that can be very difficult…especially for single parents.

They can’t very well leave little ones alone yet, if they don’t report to work, there is a risk they face attendance issues. Once or twice a year is not a problem. However, I think we had something like 7 school delays or cancellations last year. There needs to be a better plan.

My feeling is that the school should at least be open if parents want to bring their kids. Teachers can go to work just like the rest of us. If there aren’t a lot of kids there, so be it. At least they have a secure place to be while Mom or Dad goes to work.

Of course the real solution to this is for all of us to move to Mexico. How awesome would it be if we all crossed the border INTO Mexico and just took the joint over? In return, they can have states like North and South Dakota, Michigan, Maine, etc. Another problem solved by TL.


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