Popular New Diet For The Young People

As is the case every New Year, people make commitments to get themselves back into shape and start looking for the latest, greatest diet. It seems that most people will do darn near anything to lose those awful pounds of fat. Some even take it a step farther and try to find a great diet for their kids.

The latest craze seems to be aimed towards some of these overweight children. The “shackles diet” consists of using some sort of device to bind the kid’s hands so they can’t get to the food. Brilliant, eh?

The first case I heard about was a couple of days ago in Las Vegas. Robert Blue felt his 15 year old daughter was not at a proper fighting weight (she does mixed martial arts), so he padlocked all of the food in cabinets. But he didn’t stop there. He then applied a pair of handcuffs to his daughter so she couldn’t try any funny business. This went on for several days before she was able to notify someone via her computer. The police arrived and took good old Bob away.

The irony to me is that Bob looks like he might want to handcuff his own hands if weight is such a concern. (He might also want to head to Super Cuts to get that goat on his chin trimmed back a little).


Bob is also a big fan favorite in his neighborhood. He keeps a sign with these welcoming words on his front door. “Trespassing violators will be shot. Survivors will be shot again.” You stay classy, Bob.

I wasn’t going to write about crazy Bob until I found another similar story. This one involves Denver mom, Danelle Daunchet. She felt that her daughter was “stealing” food after bedtime so she started using zip ties to bind the 10 year olds hands every night.

Fortunately, the little girl ratted her mother out (snitch!) and the police put a stop to it by arresting Danelle. While this may sound rather innocuous, a doctor who examined the girl said that she has a substantial risk of suffering serious, permanent disfigurement as a result of being bound.

To my knowledge, children in both homes have been taken in by the state. As was the case with Bob, it seems to me that Danelle would be well served to avoid the snacks herself. She isn’t exactly petite.


Look, I appreciate that a lot of kids today have weight issues. I am no doctor (although I kind of look like McDreamy) but my guess is that shackling your children is probably not one of the better plans. (Granted, it is not as bad as Nutri System but still…try an apple or something).





8 Responses to Popular New Diet For The Young People

  1. sandysays1 says:

    Yep, another case of you humans worrying about what you shouldn’t be instead of striving for what you should. That’s alright in a few years your government will control everything- what you eat, what you do to exercise, what you think. Man I’m glad I’m a dog.

  2. Davis says:

    That’s a very interesting post. The bearded guy reminds me of what I read about that guy who named his kid “Hitler”. This is among the reasons I try to keep clear of my neighbors.

  3. squirrel says:

    I think you should wear handcuffs so you stay out of the twinkie box, personally. That might actually help you. Or you could have mom just lock the fridge and pantry after eight and then you couldn’t snack at night. These are really good ideas, as long as you don’t force it on your children. Let’s see or you could eat healthy and work out. Problem solved. Your welcome.

    • tannerleah says:

      squirrel – Wow…tough night last night? Let me say it one more time. My genes are your genes. The difference is, when you blow up to be Oprah 2x, I will only say mildy mean things to you. Like, when someone watches you walking away, it looks like two greased pigs fighting it out in your jeans. You know, somthing classy like that.

      I love you.

  4. squirrel says:

    hahaha good one… you know i will never get big… the media has made us girls too worried about ever gaining weight… i will continue to tease you however… only in the most loving way possible

  5. squirrel says:

    ps. love you too

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