Why All Of The “Gay” Teenage Hazing?

There is yet another court case underway where football players are alleged to have sodomized several young players with a broom stick. Three students from Robertson High School in Las Vegas, NM made these claims in court this morning. This hearing will determine if five students will be charged as adults in these crimes. (A sixth, Jarek Padilla, already admitted guilt to rape and conspiracy in exchange for being charged as a minor. Note to other 5 guys…this is a bad sign for you. Take the plea while you can).

The 3 kids that were sodomized were 14 years old. In another telling sign, the coaching staff has already resigned. If the 5 did do this, then I hope they are tried as adults and fully prosecuted. It is unacceptable…except in prison. (And, even then, it is frowned upon). They also allegedly used the phrase, “who’s your daddy”. Wow, they are not only pervs, they are also short bus graduates. What clever repartee.  

When did high school athletes turn to this form of gay hazing? Another common form of hazing is “tea bagging” someone. That is simply the act of laying your scrotum on someone else’s face. (Sorry ladies, no such luck for you. Maybe clam diving?)

Now we have the broom handle situation which has happened several times across the country over the last few years. What happened to smearing shaving cream into a guy’s face? Or putting his hand in warm water while he slept? Or any other of a variety of relatively harmless tactics? Why would you want to put your junk in another guy’s face. That just reeks of gayness. How does that fit the macho football player stereotype? I can see Clay Aiken doing it but a football player? Makes no sense.

Also, how is ramming a stick up someone’s butt in any way funny? What am I missing? I can understand that it is cruel, demeaning, brutal, and a power trip…but funny? I don’t see it. Something is really wrong with these kids. As in serious mental issues. If they weren’t young men, I might almost feel sorry for them. Unfortunately, they are old enough to be responsible for their actions and must be held accountable.

And why are the coached not being held accountable? Do you honestly think that they don’t know that this stuff is going on? Of course they do. They should be standing right next to the five that are being charged. Resigning is not at all a commensurate punishment.

Football guys, please stop being gay. If you want to haze, fine, just keep it funny and safe. If you must do something homo-erotic, paint the guys nails while he is sleeping and slap some makeup on him. But for the love of God, keep your junk in your pants and stay away from his “brown eye”.


3 Responses to Why All Of The “Gay” Teenage Hazing?

  1. Doug says:

    Wow! What is going on with the kids of today? Who does this sort of thing? Maybe a more appropriate term for this type of assault would be “gayzing”.

  2. art vandelay says:

    boo-hoo. I need my JBP on the rocks. (Jim Beam Percocet)

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