Ann Coulter: Worst Pseudo Celebrity Ever?

For some bizarre reason, Art has asked me to write something about Ann Coulter. Because I never turn down a request, I will begrudgingly offer my opinion.

First, I must say that I have tuned out Ann for several years now. I often listen to people I don’t agree with IF I feel they have something of value to say or they give me insight into a world I might not otherwise be privy to. In Coulter’s case, she meets neither of these standards.

So, to see what she has been up to, I checked out her Wiki profile and watched a recent video of her on The View. (An excruciating assignment. Listening to the cackling hens talk over each other is painful to listen to). Still, I was able to glean a few items.

In reading the Wiki stuff, I was reminded of her various hateful comments over the years. Towards minorities, Viet Nam vets, Jews, etc. This is my core problem with Ms. Coulter. Her shtick, while certainly appealing to a certain group, is based on being mean spirited. I really don’t find that type of commentary or “humor” entertaining. 

Do you remember the Morton Downey Jr. show? It was the same type of act. Attacking people in a mean spirited way. (If you don’t remember, think of it as Jerry Springer without the laughs). His shtick was to verbally assault people in an aggressive manner. Is it entertaining to watch people scream at each other? Sometimes. But if that is the whole point of the exercise, I quickly lose interest.

I think the biggest thing Coulter is missing is an ability to aim some of the comedy at herself. If she were more self effacing, and less hateful, I think she could be interesting to listen to. But she is not, so I can’t.

In watching The View clip, she was schilling her latest book. In it, she talks about single mothers being a serious problem for our culture. The core of her message has some truth to it. However, because she has the nuance of a sledgehammer, no reasonable discussion developed. (Not that it ever does on that show). Still, it is an example of an important subject that she manages to polarize making a valuable discussion, or even a funny one, impossible.

Now, for a moment, let me turn on My Ann Coulter writing style. How is she not a man? Her Adams apple is a dead giveaway and she/he is no doubt hung like the late, great actor John Holmes. She would make a horse blush in embarrassment.

It was pointed out in Wiki that she has had several romances but no husband. Ya think? What kind of a) wimpy he/she lover could ever deal with that on a daily basis and b) even if you could put up with it, her huge endowment would send you to the emergency room every time they tried to spoon.

She also rants about single mothers. Possible because when she was sleeping with every guy that pitied her enough to do her, her plumbing got infected, inflamed and incapacitated? If you can’t make a baby, throw those that can under the bus. 

Am I being mean enough yet? No? How about the fact that I couldn’t pick Ann out of a police line up of Afghan dogs. Think I am kidding?


Man, I feel so dirty now. I need to go scrub myself. (And not in a fun way).


9 Responses to Ann Coulter: Worst Pseudo Celebrity Ever?

  1. squirrel says:

    Her picture doesn’t show up… just letting you know :]

  2. Doug says:

    The afghan has better hair but Ann has a better rack.

  3. art vandelay says:

    B-E-A-utiful! I’m still LMAO as the kids say. LOVED the afghan hound comparison!
    Job well done! Thanks!

  4. squirrel says:

    I miss you too.. good job on fixing the picture.. that’s not very nice but it is funny

  5. coffee says:

    confession: i know she’s abrasive, but i totally have a crush on Ann Coulter

    • tannerleah says:

      coffee – As in a “I would absolutely hit that” kind of way? Man, even if you taped her mouth shut it would still be disgusting. The injuries you would get from running into her bones would be devastating.

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