Oklahoma To Refile English Language Bill

Once again, some legislators in Oklahoma will attempt to make English the “official” language of Oklahoma. I always thought the official language in Oklahoma was “redneck” but I may be mistaken. (That was a cheap shot…I could have easily used Texas, Arkansas, Alabama or many other states to throw under the bus).

What I don’t understand is the paranoia surrounding non-English speaking people. Why do you care what language others speak? No one raises hell when Bush assaults the language on a daily basis. (Google the “fool me once” speech and hang your head in embarrassment).

I can remember shopping at a grocery store in Miami and didn’t have a clue what everyone around me was saying. I rather enjoyed it. I had no interest in their conversations anyway and whenever it seemed they were speaking to me I would just smile and nod my head. Talk about a pressure free existence.

Besides, everyone already knows that the second generation of any culture almost always assimilates to the new culture. Young Hispanics, for instance, primarily speak English. In another generation, most Hispanic homes will be speaking English. Their native tongue will be lost in America. I really don’t see how this is such a great thing. It is the culturally diversity of our country that makes it interesting. Hell, it’s where we get a lot of our humor. We shouldn’t count on blond and gay jokes to carry the burden.

I remember when Ebonics was going to take over the United States. Of course that never happened because speaking Ebonics was a dead give away that you were educationally challenged. Who would want to buy into that stereotype? However, just short of Ebonics, we all are more than happy to speak slang, if it suits our needs. “Oh no you di-int!”, “Fo-shizzle”, and “Fu** you” are just a few of our favorite slang sayings. Why not ban them as well?

Let’s call a spade a spade. This is nothing more than a way to vent racist opinions without being honest enough to just say what you mean. Forget the language issue. Just say, “I wish the Mexicans, Cubans, Haitians, Polish, French, Gays, Blacks, Jews, etc. would go back to where they came from”. Well, the truth is, most have. (In fact, the gays never left). The majority of these groups are well past second generation and are not going anywhere. They are American. You may not like it, but that’s the way it is.

Now, if we could only find a way to get rid of those pesky Palins. My God, they keep multiplying like rabbits. Trigger, Trapper, Thumper, Topper, Tripper…they are all over the damn place. And although I am progressive, I refuse to learn that silly language.


4 Responses to Oklahoma To Refile English Language Bill

  1. omg. no he di’int!!!

    hahahah this post was funny

    yeah i agree. It seems to me that English only is the new ‘white only’. Its a way to keep the ‘we’re American and they’re not’ divide going, by denying that America is a country of immigrants, and not everybody in the world speaks English. GRAH our immigration policies and policies in general toward new Americans drive me nuts. Also, for all those people who think ‘well they’re in America, why don’t they just go learn English’, I have two responses to you:

    1. This is a country of immigrants. Most big cities have long established communities of different international groups of people, and if you go to these communities and don’t speak English, chances are you will encounter a lot of bilingual and monolingual people, and so will be fine speaking your own language without learning English. Chances are you won’t go into those communities anyway, so why do they bother you?

    2. If you care so much about the fact that there are people out there that don’t speak your language, then advocate for the government to create/sponsor more English as a Second Language classes. If you have no qualms with our govt spending billions to bailout execs who have failed their companies and our economy and need a bailout so that they don’t have to foreclose their own homes, sell their jets, or any of their many vintage cars, and if you care so much about all the non-English speaking people out there, then you shouldn’t care about a few million being pumped into ESL classes for non-English speakers.

    Also, just want to add that language issues in America is what my research project/the work I have been slightly procrastinating has been on. Its pretty messed up how non-English speakers get treated here…talk about second class citizens….

    • tannerleah says:

      OIS – code for “white only” sums it up perfectly. As near as I can tell, this is just one of the few “appropriate” ways left to hone ones racist skills. You are correct…for the vast majority complaining, this is a non-issue.

      It reminds me of visiting northern Idaho and seeing “white power” camps. What struck me is that there were NO PEOPLE OF COLOR in that part of the state! Why protest a problem that doesn’t exist? It would be like me raising hell about Eskimos. “They are taking our jobs…and eating all of the good whale blubber!”

  2. anniewilson says:

    Amo mi perro!


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