Father And Son Cut Line In Wal-Mart – End Up In Jail

In a case that will surely warm the hearts of all the Walter Mittys out there, an Indiana father and son ended up going to jail after the son cut to the front of the service line in Wal-Mart. Edward Pluhar, 26, apparently felt that his business was more pressing than the other folks waiting in line. Unfortunately for Ed, off duty cop Chris Kirby just happened to be in the same line. Kirby told Ed to get to the back of the line but, oddly, Ed refused.

Arriving on the scene at that moment was Edward Pluhar, Sr. Big Ed told Kirby to mind his own business and asked if he wanted to “take it outside”. (Now I understand where Little Ed got his excellent manners).  Big Ed went on, allegedly, to say he would kick Kirby’s a** and suggested he might even shoot him. Remember, this whole conversation started over Little Ed cutting the line. I mean, I guess I can understand that a person should be beaten or shot over such an incident, but it does seem slightly extreme.

Here’s the proud papa and his offspring:


Now, to be fair, it is possible that the Pluhars left their porridge simmering on the stove at the trailer and needed to get back in a hurry. Or maybe since it was Sunday, they needed to get some supplies before they headed back to the work release program. Or, maybe they are just a couple of di**heads that should spend some quality time in a state penitentiary. I don’t know but when the guy tells you he is an off duty cop you just shut your pie hole and get back in line where you should have been in the first place. Save the puffing out your chest silliness for the bar.

Back to our story. Kirby called for back up and followed Pete and Repeat out of the store. He stood behind their van (hmm…what a surprise) when the elder Pulhar allegedly backed it into the leg of Kirby. Little Ed then popped out of the van and proceeded to fight with Kirby. A couple of on duty cops then showed up and hauled the two idiots away. Big Ed was released on $5000 bond (there goes the porno collection) and Little Ed $2500 bond (there goes the weed stash).

Now, is it possible that Kirby was being a prick and played the “I can arrest you” card and agitated the two guys? Maybe. But the fact of the matter is this could have been 100% avoided by just going to the back of the line. Don’t get me wrong. I understand that Wal-Mart has stuff that is amazingly awesome and it might be worth going to jail over…oh wait, they don’t.

Anyway, next time you are in line at the Wal-Mart in Muncie, IN, keep an eye out for the Pluhars. They may need to cut the line again and are willing to take whatever actions are necessary to make it happen. One more thing, this crap would have never happened if officer Erik Estrada was on the scene.



4 Responses to Father And Son Cut Line In Wal-Mart – End Up In Jail

  1. Ram Venkatararam says:

    I’ve had these guys in my convenience store before. They’re nothing but trouble. Thanks for the post

  2. Michael says:

    Well crafted and executed as always. Though, I hear in post incident interviews, the father son tandem say it was still totally worth it.

  3. elizabeth3hersh says:

    So funny I cried…sniff

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