Amy Winehouse’s Money About To Be Stolen

How else can you describe what is about to happen to her? While I have no affection for Amy, I just cannot understand how her husband is going to file for divorce (adultery) and walk away with about $7.5 million for a little over one year of marriage.

Isn’t he the guy that turned her onto drugs? Seems to me he should owe her the money. He has done more to train wreck her career than she could have ever done on her own. Hell, there was even a time when Amy was attractive.

before and after








Of course, I suppose it is possible that she is training for the marathon and is purposely going for the Ethiopian look. In any case, she is about to be significantly poorer.

I guess her current husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, is currently in jail for some drug related charge. Apparently, Amy was getting her groove on with some guy named Josh Bowman in the Caribbean and her illiterate husband got his feelings hurt.

Leaving no doubt about the rendezvous, Amy said, “We just had sex, can’t you tell?” Maybe she was holding a spent condom in her hand? In any case, she goes on to say that she loves this new guy. I can’t tell from the article but it seems like she has known Josh for about a week or two? What a lucky guy.

I will admit I know very little about Amy and am confused how she could have accrued so much money. Maybe there was a point where she could actually sing? However, I think it is incredibly unfair for some drug addled delinquent to marry her and now walk away with half of her money.

I felt the same way when Paul McCartney lost half of his money to the woman with the one leg…I think her name was Heather Mills. She hopped away from her marriage with Paul for a cool $38.5 million. (And you thought Yoko was the only one that made out like a bandit).

A word of advice to British celebrities. Stop getting married! The British courts seem to be even worse than the American courts. I have to think it is fair to say that neither Hop-a-long nor Amy’s husband contributed one dime to their respective relationships. In fact, all it seems they did was leach endlessly off of their celebrity partners.

Amy, even though you are as skeezy as the day is long, I am sorry to see you get ripped off by your deadbeat husband. If you are smart, you will do what Madoff did and start sending “gifts” to your relatives. A million here…a million there. It will add up in no time.

Another word of advice. Take 10 bucks and get a couple of Big Macs. We can live with the tats but you have got to put some meat on your bones. (And I am not talking about your new boyfriend). Since you are a celebrity, you can probably call Oprah to see how she does it.


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