“You Step On My Foot, I’ll Kill You”

That seems to be the motto of a 4 year old boy in Jackson, Ohio. Nathan Beavers, 18, was the unfortunate offender that crossed the line. While Nathan and some other teenagers were babysitting a group of small children, Nathan accidentally stepped on the foot of one of the little kids. He picked the wrong kid to step on. Pi**ed off, the 4 year old lunatic marched in to the bedroom, grabbed a shotgun from the closet, and proceeded to blast good old Nathan.

To be fair, the little man did tell Nathan, “I’m going to go get a gun”. I guess Nathan thought he meant a toy gun because he ignored him. Big mistake. Fortunately, although the little guy is handy with a weapon, his aim still needs some work. Nathan was lucky to be hospitalized with minor pellet wounds to his arm and side. (Although I am fairly confident that Nathan probably is not seeing the “lucky” side of this encounter at the moment). Another teen was also injured in the crossfire.

When the police asked Little Scarface why he shot the babysitter, he said he was mad because Nathan had stepped on his foot. Wow, good thing he didn’t accidentally trip him…he might have gone for the machete. The shooting is still being investigated and the little dude has not been charged.

Did I mention this all happened at the trailer park? I just want to make sure that I am giving you a good visual. Every trailer I lived in growing up seemed to have a bullet hole in it. It turns out that trailers are not only tornado magnets; they also do an excellent job in attracting stray bullets.

While I suppose it is possible that a 4 year old was able to pull this off, something about a trailer load of teenagers makes me think there just might be something more to the story. (Although I must admit this version of the story is quite entertaining). In any event, the father of the 4 year old has vowed to take “the guns” out of the house. Might not be a bad idea to lock up the knives as well in case you have to put him to bed early sometime.

Here is the police report:



4 Responses to “You Step On My Foot, I’ll Kill You”

  1. esteem says:

    How far is to far? This crap went to far!!!! People like you should not have rights to post anything!!! If you are going to tell the story then get all of your facts straight!!!! FYI It was NOT a trailer park! People that write stuff like this load of BS really P*SS me off!!

    • tannerleah says:

      esteem – Out of the whole ridiculous article I wrote it was the part about a trailer that got to you? Um…ok.

  2. elizabeth3hersh says:

    TL, are mixing up your Airstreams and trailers again?

    • tannerleah says:

      Your crap has gone too far! How far is too far? I don’t know but you went there! It was NOT an Airstream! It was a mobile home! Get your facts straight! You are really starting to pi** me off!!!

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