Facebook To Moms: Put The Boobs Away

I guess Facebook has a no nudity policy. So, when a woman posts a picture of herself breastfeeding her child, Facebook removes the ones that they classify as offensive. Seems like a fairly straightforward policy. Facebook is a free service and should have the right to set the rules. If you don’t like their rules, go to another website. Right?

Ah, if it were only that simple. You see, this has apparently agitated a bunch of breastfeeding moms who think that Facebook is trying to classify breastfeeding as obscene. Moms say that since breastfeeding is “natural” and a positive thing, it should be exempt. Facebook says fine, have your breastfeeding photos…just don’t have any nipple showing. BF moms say that is unfair.

A couple of things. Why do some women feel so compelled to show others that they breastfeed? Is it some sort of status symbol? Are you a superior parent for it? I have never understood the photo thing. I understand you want to show your baby off or maybe have a nice picture of mom and baby…but why the boob? Do bottle feeding moms feel compelled to take pictures of their babies with a bottle in their mouth?

Also, if you think that Facebook is draconian in their policies, why not just use another website? Better yet, start your own! Thousands and thousands of pictures of breastfeeding moms. You will all be in heaven. It seems to me that Facebook has a right to determine what they want on their free website. 

Here is how Stephanie Knapp Muir explains it:

“If they were removing all photos of any exposed chest — male or female — in any context, at least that would be fair,” Ms. Muir said. “But they’re targeting women with these rules. They’ve deemed women’s breasts obscene and dangerous for children and it’s preposterous.”

Well, there you have it. Either men start wearing bikini tops or it “boobs away” for everyone. And how she ever got to breasts are “dangerous for children” is beyond me. It is exactly that type of over the top rhetoric that loses most of us. For better or worse, regardless of how you use them, breasts are considered sexual objects. Paint them into a flag, cover them with food, tie them in a loop, whatever…it is what it is.

With everything else going on in the world, being indignant because you can’t post a photo of you and your breastfeeding baby just seems ridiculous. If you want to promote breastfeeding as a cause, knock yourself out. All that most people are asking is that you show a little discretion. We are happy for you, really we are. Just keep it in your shirt. Do it for the children. After all, one day they are going to have to explain that photo.

Lastly, if breastfeeding photos are going to be allowed, I would request that you provide before and after photos. I think it is important that prospective breastfeeding mothers understand the potential ravages of what they are about to undertake. So, say at 2 or 3 months, post the “before” one. Then, if you must, post the “during” photo. Lastly, and God help us all, do the “after”  photo. If you are going to do it, do it right.


2 Responses to Facebook To Moms: Put The Boobs Away

  1. joannalanephotography says:

    This is most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read! I have some of coolest pictures of my baby and I and from a photographers point of view, it is something to be treasured! “Put the boobs away” I hear you cry? When do you ever hear that? Rarely, in this day and age, more like “get ya tits out love”, woman and boobs are used to sell, sex sells, boobs sell, altough when nursing and a lactating boob comes into the picture however it is a different story!! Boobs and babies are great! So who gives a crap if we have got pictures of them, just don’t look at them if you don’t like em. Like porn, it is bloody every where, if you don’t look at it you still cannot avoid it!! It is in your face. We nursing mothers, although I now bottle feed, feel liberated to find other mothers who have that maternal feeling. Who share the same love for breastfeeding baby pictures as we do. It is beautiful. I do agree that it’s stupid to make such a massive deal out of it all. After all who really cares, it’s between you and your baby, and that’s what matters, I added a picture to the facebook group, because it was an awesome picture, not cause I was showing the world hey look I breast feed whoo hoo! What’s the point at the end of the day, you must let people have their say. Just like I am letting you have yours.

    ps – ‘Most’ people aren’t asking anything, ‘most’ people wouldn’t be that bothered about it.

    • tannerleah says:

      Joanna – You appear to be British so I realize that having your boobs hanging out is normal…especially after a few pints. In America, we try to be a little more civil.

      Again, there are two points. First, why should Facebook, or any website, not have the right to flter their content? Second, what in the world makes you think anyone wants to see your “beautiful” breastfeeding photos? Isn’t it good enough that you have them for your own satisfaction? What is the compulsion to share? I have an awesome looking ding ding but I don’t feel like I need to post a photo of it.

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