Random Annoyances

Please, somebody, stop dragging Dick Clark on TV every new year. It is just painful to watch at this point and does not do justice to his magnificent broadcasting career. (The same rule applies to Keith Jackson and Muhammad Ali).

I think the reason that people have such a hard time understanding the Israel / Palestine issue is that both sides are wrong in so many areas. So, you pick a side and just ignore their glaring faults. As always, there will be no winner in this latest round of killings but each side will be convinced they made a point. (Why not just sit back and watch India and Pakistan do the same thing to each other?)

Charles Barkley gets arrested for suspicion of DUI. They caught him because he was speeding to get somewhere. When asked what the rush was, Charles responded he was trying to pull over real fast to get a BJ. Not just any BJ, but a follow up to one he received a week earlier which he described as “the best one he had ever had in his life.” For those of you that don’t know, Charles is a famous NBA player that has probably slept with an unbelievable amount of women and gotten a ridiculous number of BJ’s. Would it have killed him to tell us who this mystery woman was? She could do a DVD or something for the betterment of mankind.

I think this is my favorite photo of ’08. I guess Pakistan has kind of loose safety standards.

YE Pakistan

Here is one of my least favorite photos of ’08


TMZ says this is Donatella Versace and she is 53 years old! (And I thought I looked like a**). Anytime I see big boobs and still throw up in my mouth, something has gone horribly wrong.

I am glad to hear that Sarah Palin’s daughter, Bristol, had a healthy baby. I was also glad to hear that Bristol and Levi Johnston (the daddy), have not quit school and are still getting an education. Sarah is teaching them English, geography (Look out the window, kids! I see Africa!) and world history while Levi’s mom is teaching them chemistry. Too bad they didn’t get their spellin’ classes in before they named the baby Tripp.

The New York Dept. of Sanitation estimates that there was about 40 tons of trash left from last nights New Years Eve celebration. Is this part of the new “green” world that people are crowing about all of the time? Was this “eco-friendly” trash? Did everyone drive to New York so as not to leave a large “carbon imprint” like the car CEO’s? Just asking…

Happy New Year everyone.


5 Responses to Random Annoyances

    • tannerleah says:

      Thanks, Michael. The writing helps with my terrible bitterness.

      Speaking of which, what a great site you have. As talented as you are at writing and drawing, you must have really sucked at your old job. I would keep you around just for the entertainment factor. (Well, I mean if I actually had that kind of control in my life).

  1. Michael says:

    Would you have believed I was really good at it! It took a consortium of five or six beta males to drag me down like hyena’s surrounding a lion. I’m just doing the unemployment thing for the laughs.

    • tannerleah says:

      What a better world it would be if people didn’t inhabit it.

      I envy you. I haven’t had a good stretch of unemployment since the OJ trial. (Which is why I KNOW he is innocent). If it wasn’t for the whole “I don’t have any money” part, I would do unemployment in a minute! (So any of you cougars looking for a few good cubs, just give Michael or me a ring).

  2. Michael says:

    Well put, other than the money part, it’s a good gig if you do it right!

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