How Can You Not Love Blago?

He is convinced that he is immune to anything…including kryptonite. Today, in his latest “fu** you” move, he appointed former state Attorney General Roland Burris to the senate seat vacated by Obama. The first thing you should know about Burris is that he is as old as dirt, 71. You should also know that he would be the only black senator this country currently has. I must confess, I was not aware of this. (I need to check on how many Hispanics, Indians, China people and other minorities are also being ignored…might be a trend).

Quick as a cat, President-elect Obama (aka the Magic Negro), supported the democrats decision not seat Mr. Burris. Apparently, one magic negro is enough for Senator Obama. Barry once again sides with whitey. I must say, his act is already getting old. Where the hell is Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton when you need them? 

Look, the bottom line is that Rod  Blagojevich is still the Governor of Illinois. You don’t have to like that but it does not give the senate, or Barry, the right to circumvent the rules. The governor gets to decide who fills the senate seat and he has decided. Case closed. Don’t make me get Mrs. Blago up here to teach you all a fu**in’ lesson or two. (She would make Hillary quiver with fear).

I still say this has more to do with Blago’s wicked awesome hair and less to do with some sort of criminal activity. Who even wants to be a senator in Illinois? Blago was probably trying to bribe people to take the stinking job. All I know is that somewhere George Allen and Robert Byrd are thinking to themselves, “Thank God, not another colored fella”. (They might have used a different word than “colored”).

Blago, I am behind you 100%. These hypocritical, lying, thieving, in-bred, back stabbing political ingrates can go screw themselves. They are as dirty, if not more dirty, than you have ever been. They just don’t have the sac to tell it like it is. And shame on you, Magic Negro Obama for not doing the right thing here. You know Burris deserves that senate seat regardless of who appoints him. You could solve this but instead, you will just leave the mess for Dubya to clean up. How democratic of you.

And Patti, Mrs. Blagojevich, if you feel the need to have a public breakdown and curse every last person you can think of, I support that as well. (And might I say, you are looking lovely these days).

Illinois Governor

Here is a nice rant from one of my favorite guys, Robert Montgomery Knight. You can use it as a guide to come up with your own speech. (Quite of few bad words in Bob’s pep talk but you will feel better about yourself after listening. Like me, Bob is also a people person.)


One Response to How Can You Not Love Blago?

  1. elizabeth3hersh says:

    This is a multi-faceted fascinating story!! I can’t wait for the book to come out! Do your readers know that four out of the last seven Illinois governors have been arrested? Arrested!! There is a pervasive culture of corruption and patronage in Chicago. I got an inside view of dirty politics from watching the critically acclaimed series “The Wire” on HBO (David Simon, the creator, could have spun the same series in Chicago under Blagos’ watch). I’ve never looked at politics the same way. Our family recently enjoyed a HILARIOUS op-ed piece written by Jonah Goldberg (editor for the National Review). It was so funny, we clipped it to save in my daughters memento box. If any of your readers are interested, here is the link:

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