Can We Get Monk To Investigate The Cruise Ship Death?

36 year old Jennifer Seitz has been missing since Christmas night. After an exhaustive search, the Coast Guard has been unable to find her. Here is the link to the story: (See that General Tso? Taking your advice already). Honestly, when I first heard about this story I figured she had fallen drunk overboard or killed herself. Nothing strange at first blush.

Missing Cruise Passenger











Today, Jennifer’s family issued a statement saying they felt that this was likely a case of suicide. Seriously? In just a couple of days? It is one thing for a bystander like me to blow it off but the immediate family? Now, maybe it is possible that they have conclusive evidence that leads them to this decision. But, the more I read about it, nothing I see makes suicide a likely scenario. Granted, Jennifer has apparently been “troubled” in the past but it seems she was in good spirits on the cruise. Other patrons specifically remembered Jennifer and her husband being boisterous and, seemingly, having a good time.

Speaking of Jennifer’s husband, what do we know about Ray Seitz? Well, we know he was arrested in April for head butting his wife, although she refused to prosecute. (I thought prosecution was mandatory in spousal abuse cases?) We also know he did not report his wife missing until 8 hours after she was gone. Maybe it’s just me, but 8 hours seems like a bit of a stretch. Finally, how about these words from fellow passenger Jim Nestor, “I had given him my condolences, and he had a plastic bag filled with quarters, and he said to me that he was going to the casino to see if he could change his luck.” Wow, that sounds like one distraught husband.

Seriously, can we get Kojak or Monk or somebody to investigate this thing? By all accounts, this was a woman that was happy. The cruise was to celebrate her 1 year anniversary with her husband. She apparently had just landed a new job. She had successfully completed bariatric weight loss surgery. How does any of this remotely look like suicide? Even Scooby Doo and Shaggy could solve this case.

I understand that in a peculiar way, it is easier to accept her death if she had just killed herself. But nothing in this story makes sense and if OJ can’t get away with murder, than this guy shouldn’t either. And even if there is a slight chance he didn’t do it, wouldn’t the family want to be absolutely sure? 

If it was not the husband, and that is a big if, my money is on the ship’s doctor or Gopher. Isaac the bartender is another one I would want to question. He probably didn’t do it but he knows everything that happens on the ship. Frickin’ Love Boat, my a**. Something bad always happens on those damned cruises.


6 Responses to Can We Get Monk To Investigate The Cruise Ship Death?

  1. General Tso says:

    I appreciate the advice taken shout-out. Nice detective work, but I will hold off on a verdict until I see that tape (“Investigators said surveillance video shows a woman falling overboard from the Norwegian Pearl on Christmas night. The video has not been released.”). If the video also shows the husband lifting her ankles over the railing, then its a case closed.

    • tannerleah says:

      General – She “jumped” in a bath robe. No woman wants to go out in a bath robe. She would have put on a nice frock before jumping. Vanity before death.

  2. Aces-n-Eights says:

    I can just hear it now…

    “Hey Ray, how was the trip?”

    “Well it started off rough when my wife jumped overboard. But then I hit big at the quarter slots, so you know, I’m kind of Even Stevens!”

    I’m with you Tanner…the moments immediately following something like this is when the truth sometimes surfaces to the top (no pun intended). I think Ray needs to be questioned a little bit more on things before we let him open an account on

    • tannerleah says:

      Aces – Even if he didn’t kill her, no “head butt-ers” allowed on eHarmony. Although I suppose “butt heads”, if attractive, would be permissable.

      I am thinking about filing a lawsuit against eHarmony for keeping married people off of their site. Racists.

  3. art vandelay says:

    She just had bariatric surgery? I would throw myself overboard too if I couldn’t enjoy the midnight buffet to it’s fullest. I heard they got in a fight during the “Newlywed Game” on the lido deck..but you didn’t hear that from me ‘cuz I ain’t one to gossip!

  4. I found your blog interesting!Goodluck!!

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