Music Group Responsible For Teen Death?

When I first read the headline, I thought for sure it had finally happened…the Jonas Brothers had finally pushed someone over the edge and caused them to whack somebody. Unfortunately I was wrong.

No, the latest group to be accused of influencing the behavior of idiotic teenagers is Insane Clown Posse. Now, I am not a listener of ICP, but I have seen them on TV in their full clown regalia. Pretty silly looking to me in the same way that KISS was silly looking in the 70’s.

However, even without hearing the first verse of their music, I can say unequivocally, they are not responsible for the death of Matthew Silliman.


You see the 4 idiots to the left of Matthew’s photo? They are the reason that he is dead…all by themselves. For some reason, which probably seemed really, really cool at the time, they read Matt his fortune using Tarot cards. (Of course, since they already knew his fate, this seems like a fairly pointless step).

They then proceeded to pound the young man in the head with a hammer and then suffocate him with duct tape. The article refers to the 4 imbeciles as “his friends”. Really? Under what possible scenario would you refer to people that murder you as “friends”?

It’s good to see that Sherriff Fife and company are hot on the trail of the ICP connection. That is a hot lead that should really get them some great results. Unless of course, it turns out that the 4 a**hats lured Matthew into their little club and killed him out of sheer boredom and ignorance. It’s too bad that it appears Matt felt compelled to join these idiots just to get some  “friendship” tossed his way.

My guess is that 1 of the 4 is the “brains” behind the operation and the other idiots just got caught up in a terrible situation. Something tells me that these 4 are desperately lacking an education and/or parental guidance. As usual, this is where the blame belongs. Of course, by the time you reach 17 or 18, even that excuse is pretty flimsy.

My hope is that those that were directly involved are prosecuted to the maximum extent the law allows. Nothing good can come out of this but there should be a clear message sent that lame excuses will not curry favor with the court. Again, if it were the Jonas Brothers, I might feel differently. I could definitely see how they could drive someone to murder.

Sherriff Fife – If no one admits to being the “mastermind”, blame it on the kid named Asdil Shaaid Kahn…that should quiet the angry crowd. “I knew it had to be that dammed Muslim sum-a-bitch!”


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