2.5 Tons OF Pot Found In Afghan School

Here is my question. Why does the government always feel compelled to destroy the pot they find? In all of the big pot cases I have read about, they invariably destroy what they find. Why can’t they sell the stuff to countries that consider marijuana legal? I mean, wouldn’t 2.5 tons of weed be worth several million dollars? It is like finding a cache of stolen sports cars and sending them to the junk yard. Makes no sense.

Even if you didn’t want to sell it to another country, why can’t it be used for medicinal purposes in the US? Where does that pot come from? All you would need to do is start selling what the feds confiscate to various medical facilities. Seems like a pretty simple thing to accomplish.

You could also offer pot as some sort of bailout program for drug pushers. My guess is that they are also hurt in a tight economy. This way, Sherry Johnston wouldn’t have to be selling that expensive OxyContin crap…she could just sell some nice bud to all of her Eskimo friends. Besides, Sherry looks much more like a stoner and hippie to me.

Palin Daughter

By the way, I wonder if Sarah Palin ever hit the bong? Since they are going to be in-laws soon, they surely must socialize. I bet Sarah is funny as hell when she is a little lit up.

The US and Mexico just committed another 1.4 billion dollars to fight the war on drugs. Here’s the problem with this plan. Until there is a better way for poor people to make money, other than selling drugs, that is what they are going to do. It’s as simple as that. The only hope in ending the problem is to, at the very least, legalize pot. Like all things that are manufactured in massive quantities, this will force out local vendors…in the same way that Wal-Mart has destroyed the local five and dime corner shop.

This economy needs the kind of financial lift that is normally only seen at the end of World Wars. In a single swoop of the pen, Barry Obama could drive up tax revenues in numbers never before seen. (Not to mention the international sales – hello China!!!) I know this won’t happen because we only accept people that are drunk, not stoned. Still, desperate times call for desperate measures. With tobacco being battered and only booze holding down the vice fort, we are going to need pot or prostitution to get the money moving again.

With what it costs to get an attractive hooker, you are way better off getting a bag of weed. (Plus, with a little luck, you might also end up with the sex at no extra charge). One caveat, I am NOT condoning this behavior for college kids…you hear me squirrel?


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