Sarah Palin Gets Screwed Again (And Not In A Good Way)

This time, by Time magazine. Instead of choosing the ethereal Sarah, they chose that boring old Barry Obama as “Person of the Year”. You know, the first “black” American President. (Who, by the way, isn’t even really black).

Let’s rewind the clock a little. Do you remember how tedious and boring the presidential race was for the longest time? Just the same old droning on by Barry and Mac for months and months. It was horrible.

Then, out of nowhere, a bolt of lightning struck and Sarah was brought into the mix. Do you remember how awesome it was the first time you heard her speak? Do you remember commenting on her sexy shoes and ruby red lipstick? If you are a guy, do you remember the rustling in your pants? If you are a woman, do you remember finding out she was in her 40’s and you thought, “that skinny bitch”.

Well, I remember all of that. She brought more energy into the election process than anyone has since JFK. Plus, it turns out, she is funny as hell, smoking hot AND incredibly intelligent! She is almost Stepford Wife like in her awesomeness.

But because of some stuffy board room of politically correct editors, we are left with Obama. Granted, in any other year, he might have been a good choice. But if Barry is Jesus, Sarah is God. (Not trying to anger my religious friends but I needed a comparison that had some gravitas).

Here is a simple test. Look at this photo:

Did you feel that? That is the power of Sarah. It’s like getting hit by an earthquake or tsunami…in your pants. Wow.

I would say more but I have an errand to run. Shame on you Time. You missed the Person of the Year by a mile. Of course, you also selected Bono and Dubya for the Person of the Year so your track record is kind of spotty, at best.


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