“I Thought They Were Fixing To Mess With Me,” Says Woman Followed By Cops

So says Erica Toy Marie Ballard, 26, when asked why she did not pull over for police. (By the way, chicks with the name “Toy” are invariable hot, no?). Erica thought she was being pulled over for a revoked driver’s license but had other immediate plans. “I was fixing to get something to eat,” she said. (Why does Toy insist on using the word “fixing” so much? I don’t know but you have to admit it is cute).

Ballard, Erica Toy Marie

Erica is the mother of 5 young children and, looking at the picture, it is pretty easy to see why. Hell, if I weren’t married, I could easily be daddy number 6.  

The police actually wanted to stop Erica after seeing her speed out of a White Castle parking lot, with no headlights on, at 2:30 in the morning. She then went through a red light and failed to use any turn signals. Erica, of course, disagrees with this version of the story completely. Her most compelling argument was this statement, “I don’t even eat White Castle.” Ha! Take that you dirty cops! Every drunk knows that that if you are at White Castle you are going to get a minimum of a 10 sack of slyders…assuming you don’t go for the Crave Case. And yet the po po found no Slyders on her. Hmm…

When asked why she didn’t stop for police when they had their siren and lights on, she had another good response. “That wasn’t even true. It wasn’t like I didn’t see them or I tried to flee.” The fact is she did see them but, as stated earlier, she thought they were “fixing to mess with her”. So, like any law abiding citizen, she decided to pull into McDonald’s and order a number 3 with fries and a Hi-C. (Personally, I am not a big fan of the Hi-C but who am I to judge?). Again, makes perfect sense. Who goes to jail on an empty stomach?

She then pulled off on a side street hoping that her car would not be towed when they hauled her away. (That plan didn’t work…it was towed). When officers approached her, they said she smelled of alcohol. Erica, ever alert, quickly pointed out that someone had thrown a drink on her at the bar she was just visiting. Unfortunately, it seems some of the booze must have splashed into her mouth because she blew a 0.133 on the breath test.

When Erica finally got to jail, she refused to take another chemical test. Who could blame her? It is clear at this point that the police were merely harassing her and trying to keep an ambitious young woman with 5 children down. (Oh, I should probably mention that she was initially booked under her alias, Shaniekia Johnson. Erica / Toy / Shaniekia was not available to comment on the whole alias deal).

Which brings us to the sad end to our story. While Erica was trying to down one more bit of fine cuisine from McDonald’s, she also told police she was scheduled for heart surgery in 2 days. As any of you that have ever had heart surgery know, you always carb load before the operation AND try to get some vitamin C in your system. See? When you add all of the little pieces together, Erica’s story is entirely plausible. It is a crying shame that the St. Paul, MN police took a mother away from her children and almost caused her heart to explode.

Hopefully, Erica’s surgery went well and she can get back to Century College to continue her studies. This young lady is on the brink of success…I pray “the man” doesn’t cause her to fail.


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