Ok. Maybe I Should Reconsider My Jennifer Aniston Comments

I know I have been a little rough on Jen in the past due to her incessant whining and moaning. For instance, her ridiculous “don’t bother me” comments while she spews to every rag out there that will listen to her. If she doesn’t want to be a celeb, she should stay in hiding like, say, Danny Bonaduce.

Having said that, I think I should give her another chance. She does a lot of good things with charity work and seems to care about people, albeit in an irrational and moderately insane way. Let’s be honest, she will never be the caliber of actress that Angie is but who cares? That doesn’t mean that Jen can’t be the Tim Conway of this generation and just do guest shots on TV shows for a living.

Oh, oddly enough, I just happened to run across this photo…not that it matters much:


Sure, I suppose she looks ok but that is not what has changed my feelings about her. It is the inside that I am starting to better understand. And for me, like most men, that’s what it is all about. Haven’t I been saying on this very blog for months now that it is not about the looks? Say what you will but you have to admit my consistency is pretty unimpeachable.

Anyway, now that Jennifer has decided to, how should I say this nicely… “slut it up” a little more, I may have to reconsider my reconsideration. Women that try to use their beauty to lure men are performing a disservice to themselves. Take Sarah Palin, for instance. The reason I am so crazy about her is her intellect and profound wisdom. I hardly even notice her voluptuous body.

So ladies, get naked except for a tie if you must, but know that this is not the true way to a gentleman’s heart. (Well, unless you are also going to throw down in the bathroom like Lois in Minneapolis. That does kind of trump brains). Instead, show us your wit and intelligence. These are the characteristics we look for in a woman. And if you happen to have a tight body with DD’s, we will not be so shallow as to eliminate you from the search. (Oh, and good cash flow is also not a disqualifier).

Good luck Jennifer in your pursuit of new intellectual horizons. If you need to get there while being naked, who am I to judge? And Angelina, I fully expect an equal and appropriate response to Jennifer’s attack. (The tie is optional).


10 Responses to Ok. Maybe I Should Reconsider My Jennifer Aniston Comments

  1. art vandelay says:

    I bet Angie wishes she didn’t graffiti her bod—look at Jen’s smooth clean slate. Wow.

  2. squirrel says:

    Is that really her? I’m sad she has resorted to this a little bit. Even though she whined, at least she was tasteful and classy (ish). Now though she just seems petty, why doesn’t she just get over it and move on? Everyone else has, nobody cares anymore. That’s what I think. I honestly don’t think that’s her though, her boobs were never that big before…. Also her arms are strange. Just wear a shirt and then you won’t look retarded.

  3. tannerleah says:

    Art – yeah, I’m not a huge fan of the body art, am I squirrel?

    Squirrel, are you suggesting they photo shopped her body? That NEVER happens!

    I see the psych classes are really bringing out your gentle side –
    “Just wear a shirt and then you won’t look retarded”…*sniff*…I’m so proud of you…*sniff*

  4. V says:

    Oh my goodness… I just wet my draws!

  5. squirrel says:

    You are getting body art, remember? haha. Well I am only gentle when I have to be and on here is not one the places. You say retarded all the time anyways.

  6. CMS says:

    Used to be that the broke wannabees did the scruffy nude gigs because they were desperate for cash. Today the multimillionaires can’t wait to pose. Sorry – but I think it’s weird. She looks good enough to be in the shots – (But then again, ANY woman who takes great care of herself looks good naked) – but the point is WHY does she feel this is necessary. I’m not sure she would have been up for this nonsense as an unknown because she would have found it degrading. I’m a woman in her age category (and no I’ve not let myself go either) but I no longer want someone looking at my legs, chest or butt. I want them listening to what I’m saying. Sorry – I think Aniston shows a case of arrested development. She’s still craving the type of sexist approval most women stop wanting when they’re 19.

    • tannerleah says:

      CMS – I have to disagree. Most women still paint themselves up well past 19. Look at all of the implants and plastic surgery women indulge in at later points in their life. What I am not sure of is whether they are doing it for men or other women? I have always been confused by the sexy photos in Cosmo, for instance. Are they meant to turn women on? Is this what women should strive to look like? I don’t get it.

      And let’s be honest, virtually every man will take the “hot chick” before the Mensa member. This bothers me mostly because I have a young, beautiful daughter who also happens to be very intelligent. Will she be recognized for her contributions to society or her cup size? Importantly, what will she consider to be more important? Of course, before I had a daughter I was just as big of a pig as every other man. Perspective tends to change things. (But, I still have my pig-ish moments).

  7. anny says:

    good comment. tannerleah. I do have to agree with you when you have kids or daughters you tend to look at things alot differently. I do.

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