Gee Girls, Thanks For Ruining KFC For Me

When I first heard the story about the 3 young female employees of a Kentucky Fried Chicken having fun in a big sink, my curiosity was piqued. After all, I love the KFC (who doesn’t) and since the girls posted the photo’s on MySpace, they no doubt had to be very attractive. Fried chicken and hot women…that is what America was founded on.

So, I search around a little and finally come across the pictures. Now, I don’t want to be mean to these young ladies but I will just say that I was somewhat disappointed in what I found. See for yourself:


Again, not to be mean, but the girl in the middle has a worse hairline than I do. Also, the girl on the right has obviously been dipping into the cole slaw when no one was looking. I wouldn’t suggest Oprah takes pictures of herself in a bra and I would have the same advice for this young lady.

My bigger concern is that if they were willing to do this, who knows what kind of fun they were having with the food that was being served. Fortunately, I do not live in Anderson CA, where this event occurred, but it probably does say something about KFC’s quality control. God, I am making myself nauseous just thinking about it.

The good news is that the 3 young ladies were reprimanded and suspended for their behavior. I suspect because no one else wants to work at KFC, they will have little choice but to bring them back after everything quiets down. Of course, at this point, the girls are going to be ultra pi**ed off about the whole thing and do all kinds of nasty things to the food. Eh, who can blame them?

It’s too bad that this had to happen now. KFC is about to roll out its “Grilled Chicken” line for the “healthy” eater. And let’s be honest, nothing says healthy like grilled chicken with mashed potatoes, gravy, mystery biscuits, and cole slaw. And if you get a big bucket, they throw in a chocolate cake for free! Healthy indeed.

The biggest issue is that I am concerned about the fact that the youth of America are not taking the whole “job” thing very seriously. First, it was the 5 lunatics in Minnesota assaulting crazy old folks and now these three taking a trailer park sauna. What in the hell is going on? When these short bus graduates get older, are they really supposed to be in charge of things? Thank goodness I will long since be dead but it is going to be a spectacular train wreck. I hope they post the pics on MySpace.

EDIT: 2 of the girls have been fired. I’m guessing “big forehead” and “Oprah wannabe”.


10 Responses to Gee Girls, Thanks For Ruining KFC For Me

  1. Randeyeman says:

    You think takin’ a bath in the kitchen sink is bad… There were a couple of young ladies I want to high school with that worked at (Der) Weinersnitzel. Guess where they used to hide the hot dogs? They’d watch the video monitor (camera at the menu board) to see who was in the drive-thru lane. If it was someone they didn’t like or some really dork looking individual, they’d slide the raw dogs into one of two orifaces before throwing them on the grill. If it was a cute guy, it would go in one hole and if a dork it would go into the other. Never really liked going to fast food places after learning of their antics…

  2. NoConscience says:

    I’d do the one on the left.

  3. tannerleah says:

    I think it is an “all or nothing” package. Good luck and God bless.

  4. Middle Man says:

    In the UK you can get babes in KFC but they are rarely behind the counter. You might enjoy this:

    ….if only the Colonel’s secret recipe wasn’t so addictive!!!

  5. Doug says:

    The girl in the middle looks like she has a “fivehead” in lieu of a forehead. Pretty nasty indeed.

  6. Doug says:

    Apparently they’re not the first to do this.

  7. tannerleah says:

    Middle Man – if your story would have happened in the US, someone would have ended up dead. They would have driven their car through the wall or went out and got their shotgun. We take fast food seriously over here.

  8. tannerleah says:

    Thanks, Doug. Now if I can just get a disgusting story about Wendy’s, I will have the trifecta.

  9. Harry says:

    I think that this post is horrid. There is everything wrong with the fact they bathed in a kitchen sink. However, the physical appearance of these girls is anybody’s business but yours. I think it is cruel that you would speak of people you do not even know in such a way. Shame on you. Maybe you should post some pictures of yourself on here if you are so attractive that you place yourself in a position in which you can criticise.

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