Good Deal On Christmas Prostitutes!

McKinley Mackey found a great price for a prostitute he solicited. She was willing to work for food. Maybe a PB&J sandwich or some Fruit Loops…who knows. Any way you slice it, that’s a pretty good deal. Unfortunately, McKinley decided to renege on his agreement.

Apparently, the suspected prostitute, Loleta Moon, (now THAT’S a good hooker name!) decided she would also “borrow” some of Mac’s wife’s clothes. (It is unclear where Mrs. Mackey was during this encounter). Mac got mad and refused to pay her in food until she returned the clothes.

Loleta, not someone to be messed with, then pulled a knife on Mac and stole his car and his 1 year old son. The Atlanta police arrested Loleta a few blocks away. The car and child were returned undamaged to McKinley. Atlanta police Lt. James Polite said, “Thankfully, the child and the vehicle were returned unharmed.” Thankfully? Really?

Um…can I ask a question? (Why yes, Tannerleah, please do). When did it become perfectly alright for a married man to get a prostitute (for food, no less), have sex with her in his house, while the kid is there and the wife is not there, NOT pay said hooker and then complain about it because it went wrong? Amazingly, they put the kid right back into this wildly dysfunctional house. Nice job Atlanta PD.

How about the story ends this way. Loleta gets some food but goes to jail for brandishing the knife and stealing the car and baby. Also, Mac goes to jail for solicitation and child endangerment for letting a lunatic hooker into his house. The kid is taken by child welfare while they try to find Mac’s wife and determine if she is as shiftless as her husband.

I just don’t understand why the kid gets screwed in this whole deal. What a life he has to look forward to. Hungry hookers and a worthless dad. The poor kid will likely be in jail or dead by the time he is 21.

As for Loleta, or other prostitutes, let me know where you are and I will send you a burger. I probably won’t even ask you to repay me in your accustomed manner. Probably.


One Response to Good Deal On Christmas Prostitutes!

  1. elizabeth3hersh says:

    Nice piece TL!! Thanks for looking out for the little ones (the collateral damage in this whole sordid affair).

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