Your Oven Is For Cooking A Turkey…Not A Dog

When Alex Rouse, from Green Bay WI, came home recently to a house smelling of smoke, she knew something was terribly wrong. What she didn’t know was just how wrong is was about to get.

After searching the house quickly and checking the furnace, she went into the kitchen and saw that her oven was turned on. When she opened the oven door, she found her Pekinese/poodle puppy, Hulk, burnt to a crisp. Here is a photo of the late Hulk:


All that is known, at this point, is that someone broke into the house and placed the dog in the oven.

I consider myself a fairly open minded individual but I just don’t see any scenario where I would break into someones home and cook their dog. When Glenn Close cooked the rabbit in Fatal Attraction, I could kind of understand it. People eat rabbits and they are not that much fun to play with. I also understand that certain cultures eat dogs and I am ok with that too.

However, to do such a thing out of sheer spite, or stupidity, is truly a galling act. It wasn’t even an ugly dog! Maybe the person broke in the house and wanted to shut up the yapping dog. Out of all of the possible ways to acomplish this, this person came up with the “oven plan”. That is a special kind of sick mind that comes up with that kind of plan.

So, as you start planning to cook your Thanksgiving turkey, please, keep an eye on your pets. Especially the smaller ones that can fit inside of any kitchen appliance. I suspect copycat killers will soon follow and move on to the microwave (again), refrigerator, garbage disposal, blender…well, you get the idea. And I suppose if, God forbid, you do end up accidentally cooking a pet, at least throw some onions and carrots on top. It’s just not right to waste good food.

Tip a tall cool one to the late Hulk. Happy Thanksgiving!


3 Responses to Your Oven Is For Cooking A Turkey…Not A Dog

  1. elizabeth3hersh says:

    I am so grossed out. Animal cruelty is revoltingly repugnant, shudderingly shocking. The underlying pathology of someone who would do something like that is so entrenched that no amount of rehabilitation is possible. I am not a pet person and have no real fondness for animals, but I am a vegetarian and have been for years. I am also a conservative Republican (go figure). One of the huge disappointments I had in Sarah Palin, representative of my party, was her (what’s the French word here?) penchant for hunting little critters and game. While I admire Sarah’s sense of fashion (I, too, am a devotee of haute couture and I LOVE my Burberry) how is it that a self described Christian woman can be so nonchalant while standing next to that turkey grinder? She should have been standing there in just her Burberry scarf (and nothing else) with her PeTA banner picketing for animal rights. I am one of those PeTA people as you have probably surmised. Hey, at least I talk the talk and walk the walk (well, not quite, I do wear leather shoes…, but I’m working on it). Okay, I know it’s Thanksgiving and TL is going to lay into me for this, but what exactly is the difference between roasting Hulk and a turkey? How about serving some tofurkey (that’s tofu turkey for the uninitiated) instead?

  2. elizabeth3hersh says:


    I know the difference between Hulk (a pet) and livestock (a turkey). I’m just asking can’t we think before eating a creature?

  3. tannerleah says:

    There is no difference. It is a cultural thing. If I lived in China, I might be having a bowl of dalmation for lunch. However, from what I have been told, most animals we don’t eat in America are not worth eating anyway.

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