Teen Kills Himself On Internet Because Of YOU!

Or, at least you could have stopped it according to his family. While I understand the outrage the family feels because Abraham Biggs Jr died slowly while on a live video feed, the anger is misplaced. It is similar to the desire of some to close the Golden Gate Bridge because people keep jumping off of it. Or to ban guns because bad people do bad things with them. Or to ban TV shows, heavy metal music or video games because they might send a troubled kid “over the edge”. (Yeah, I am talking to to you, Senator Douchebag Lieberman).

In the end, you can’t ban everything in the world because a few might corrupt its original intent. Should you put reasonable restraints in place? Sure, but be careful of your definition of “reasonable”. Look, I fully understand that when a loved one dies, someone or something needs to be blamed. But the truth is, particularly in suicide cases, the “blame” belongs to the individual conducting the act. It is a crying shame that the help Abraham was receiving for his depression and bipolar disorder was not enough to pull him out of his deadly spiral.

However, to somehow hold complete strangers accountable, regardless of their insensitive comments, is baseless. Is it despicable and disgusting that this is how some people behaved? Sure it is but let’s also keep in mind that this is a generation that is used to being deceived and manipulated. We have created a cynical society through much larger acts than video games and TV shows. All you had to do was watch the vitriol that adults spewed on a daily basis during the recent elections to see where this behavior comes from.

In the end, we all need to look in the mirror. The vast majority of the time, what our loved ones do is our responsibility. Stop looking for something or someone else to fix it or blame it on. If you need help, seek it out. If you are in a position to help someone, do it without waiting to be asked. Be Christ like, if you will…believer or not.

We know there will be more people killing themselves TODAY. If you know one of these people, stop what you are doing and do everything in your power to get them help immediately. Will it be enough? Maybe or maybe not. But I know that if everybody spent more time on taking care of the people that they love, instead of bitching about all of the things they can’t do, these kind of things could be greatly reduced.

Have a nice day! 🙂

EDIT: Here is a link to the original story.



18 Responses to Teen Kills Himself On Internet Because Of YOU!

  1. SD says:

    Totally agree – made the same comments about the bridge jumpers etc.

    Give until it feels good…I think we must give and reach out to those who need help or hurt. Must we or can we save the world no….give to every cause no…but we can make a difference by starting at home.

    When I’m having a bad day…I stop and remind myself that there is always someone that has it worse than I. Today my friend emailed me to tell me her Grandmother has breast cancer, another young friend emailed to tell me his wife (10 weeks pregnant) may lose their baby, and another friends father is struggling with esophagus cancer. Why do they feel the need to email me – because they know I’ll pray for them. Do I let all of this bring me down…no, just support them and in there in a time of need.

  2. tannerleah says:

    Gee, SD. Thanks for harshing my mellow with all of the bad news.

    The REAL reason they tell you is because you honestly care…prayer or not. More people like you and less like me would make for a much healthier world. (Of course, it would suck for me which should also be considered).

  3. elizabeth3hersh says:

    I can only hope that your readers experienced the same revulsion I did when I learned of the total lack of empathy exhibited by morbid viewers at the other end of the webcam and resulting missed intervention. The parents anger is misplaced? It is? I couldn’t disagree more. Not only do we have a dumbing down of America scholastically, but we also seem to be experiencing a dumbing down morally. This degradation of morality emanates from the home. Sorry, I can’t give the apathetic webcam viewers a free pass and I am especially not giving the PARENTS of the viewers a free pass, because the buck stops with the parents (as least it does in my home). Do you blame the heart attack victim when he has a heart attack? The epileptic when he seizes? The diabetic when he goes into a diabetic coma? Of course they can do things that trigger these events, but are we going to stand by without some sort of intervention? Depression can be utterly debilitating. There is usually a concomitant lack of judgment and low self esteem. This young man made his intentions known which was clearly a cry for help. The fact that no one intervened is deplorable and frankly, disgusting. You cannot hold complete strangers accountable when they are a witness to an event such as suicide? Why not? I hold myself accountable and I hold my two daughters accountable. Why aren’t we accountable as individuals and a nation “under G-d”? Teachers, health care workers and the clergy are mandated by law to report abuse and threats of suicide. I would like to think that we all have a “moral mandate” to step up to the plate and do the right thing and that may translate into an intervention. To not do so is reprehensible. I do hold those viewers responsible. To anyone contemplating ending your life, I quote Ann Landers: “suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.”

  4. tannerleah says:

    I will tell you, again, why they are not accountable…because, to them, it is not REAL. Do you surf the net much? Thousands of people each day are going to do something harmful to themselves or someone else. Should we all call 911 everytime? Of course not.

    To use your “heart attack” analogy. Of course, if a guy is flopping on the ground in front of me, I will help. When Dr. House’s patient goes into cardiac arrest tonight, I will not call 911 to report it. Why? Because it is not REAL.

    The internet is more myth than reality. Is that good or bad? Doesn’t matter. The bottom line is that the “viewers” of this guys suicide are no more responsible for his death than I am for who Dr. House will ALMOST kill tonight.

  5. elizabeth3hersh says:

    I vehemently disagree. If you are witness to such an event, you are morally culpable if you do not intervene. Why wouldn’t you want to err on the side of caution if you even have a SUSPICION of an impending suicide? Are you telling me those viewers are incapable of differentiating reality? What kind of a sci-fi planet are we inhabiting if they are not? Would it be okay if that was one of your children who did nothing? If that was my child viewing, I would feel (justifiably so) utterly and totally a failure as a parent. It would shake me to my very core. I can’t even bear to contemplate that scenario.

  6. tannerleah says:

    Because the vast majority who saw it did NOT have a suspicion. The few who did called it in. Obviously, to no avail.

    Do you honestly believe that your fellow man would TRULY laugh and joke if they KNEW that another person was dying while they watched? Is your photo under the definition of “cynical” in the dictionary?

    All I can tell you is to start surfing and get ready to dial 911 a lot.

  7. elizabeth3hersh says:

    Point made as I don’t surf the sites you are referring to, but I still strenuously object to absolving these viewers of any culpability. If the viewers were witnessing a heart attack, seizure or diabetic crisis and did nothing, would you still say they are not in some way responsible because it is not “real”? Psychic pain and threats of suicide are both valid and very real. This is really more about the parents then the children. Their behaviour reflects our value system (or lack thereof). Where is the collective shame we should have that this type of event could happen I ask your readers? Have we lost our moral compass? It’s both sickening and disheartening and I am going to bow my head now (although not in prayer).

  8. tannerleah says:

    Don’t answer a question with a question. Do you think the people that were laughing about it honestly felt a man was really dying?

  9. SD says:

    Agree with TL – how would anyone know the suicide was REAL? Check snopes???

    How many people do you donate $$ to that are on the side of the road that have the cardboard sign that says “Out of work – please help. God Bless” Is that real? Who knows????

    I knew this topic would stir the pot

  10. tannerleah says:

    You mean I shouldn’t give money to those guys? dammit!

  11. SD says:

    How about those pirate ships?

  12. tannerleah says:

    Can’t write about that now. Must save Internet lives!!!

  13. elizabeth3hersh says:

    “Do you think the people that were laughing about it honestly felt a man was really dying?” Um, yes. Some of our fellow denizens have descended into the deepest darkest depths of depravity (I felt compelled to do some alliteration tonight…thanks for indulging me).

  14. SD says:

    People laughed at Jesus when he was dying….

  15. tannerleah says:

    Yeah, and NOT because he was telling jokes! (Although I have heard that Big “J” could tell a doozy).

  16. poeticgrin says:

    The blood is on everyone’s hands. Including society’s.

    I posted a poem on this topic at poeticgrin.wordpress.com.

  17. elizabeth3hersh says:

    Beautiful and I couldn’t agree more Bryan. Thank you for sharing.

  18. tannerleah says:

    Link to Bryan’s poem in case clicking on his name is too complicated.


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