No Holy Communion For Obama Supporters

Has the Catholic Church now taken over the lead for most ridiculous religion in America? It seems almost on a daily basis they continue to show just how out of touch they are with the world their parishioners live in. Maybe it is because the Church hierarchy is completely controlled by very, very old white men.

The latest ridiculous statement comes from Rev. Jay Scott Newman of St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Greenville, SC. Reverend Newman says, and I will paraphrase because he tends to ramble, “Barack HUSSEIN Obama (yes, he played the “Hussein” card) is the most radical, pro-abortion politician ever. If you voted for him, you are aligned with all things evil and, therefore, not worthy of Holy Communion.”

I suspect in his original draft he also had the line, “How in the world could you people vote for a COLORED man!”, but took that out after he knew Jesus would probably strike him dead right then. Very noble of Reverend Newman to couch his personal bigoted and racist views in the name of the Church. Of course, this happens on a daily basis but, generally, folks are smart enough to hide it.

Will the Catholic Church whack Rev. Newman for being such a douche bag? Of course not. Remember, this is the church that lets pedophiles sit at the foot of God. (After a small diversion to a parish out of town while the statute of limitations expires). And give credit to Rev. Newman for realizing that he had little to lose with such a stupid comment. Something tells me that his “flock” are primarily conservative, white folks from South Carolina. What few democrats he had will now be expunged. Clever plan, really.

Once again, we have “holy” men saying completely ridiculous things “in the name of God”. No doubt, Jesus Christ himself came to Newman while he slept and said, “Can you believe that HUSSEIN won? Just so you know, it wasn’t me. That freakin’ Allah pulled rank on me and let HIS boy win. I was totally against it”.

The Catholic folks I know are some of the most devout people you will ever find. They have endured a great amount of humiliation over the last few decades thanks to a complete lack of control and guidance by Church leadership. They hang on in the hope that the ship will someday right itself but their faith is taking a beating. I actually feel bad for them. Many have fled the Church and that is a shame.

So, here is some free advice from me, Tannerleah. Catholic Church, get your sh** together! Reign in all of your nutty Priests and boot them out the door. Invest millions of dollars in child protection and pedophile prevention related programs. Be a true leader rather than trying to constantly sweep your messes under the carpet. Also, stop treating women like they are something less valuable than men. Come to terms with the fact that other religions are just as valid as yours whether you like it or not. Buy a calendar and notice it is 2008. Your 1800’s practices and philiosophies are sorely missing the mark. Embrace not only women but all creeds and colors. I realize you have a few token minorities for group photo’s but get serious. And stop trying to run your religion as a “for profit” venture. The beautiful buildings, cool looking ornaments, Sarah Palin like wardrobe and nifty looking hats aren’t feeding anyone or making this a better world to live in.

The clock is ticking and the world is passing you by. Jesus has had just about enough of your stupid-ness. Don’t say you haven’t been warned.

(This message brought to you by “Jews against Catholics” whose motto is…Oy vey, give us your money).


7 Responses to No Holy Communion For Obama Supporters

  1. O'Level, CSE says:

    couldn’t agree more!

  2. art vandelay says:


  3. tannerleah says:

    I thought I should share this comment I was e-mailed.

    I signed up for your blog because I had read an article that was actually interesting, but the one I just read was full of hate and “really annoyed me:” As a Catholic, I find no enjoyment in poorly written, articles filled with true hate, just as he/she wrote of the followers of the Catholic faith. First, I would suggest a lesson in grammar and sentence structure; then study a little more of the Catholic and Jewish faiths. I disagree with the lines about pedophiles, as I think the religion may attract pedophiles and they attempt to join the flock to meet their sick needs. I am not familiar with the S.C. priest’s statement, voted for Obama and am embarassed for you. As ever

  4. tannerleah says:

    As always, I appreciate the above feedback.

    A couple of items. As to grammar and sentence structure, this is a blog, not a thesis or term paper. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

    As a Catholic, I would expect you to be annoyed by what I wrote. I hope you are more annoyed by the fact that your church has failed many of its followers and does not seem particularly bothered by it. If you honestly believe that your religion “may attract pedophiles”, wouldn’t you say that is a bit of a problem?

    Finally, please don’t be embarassed for me. I appreciate your condescension and I suspect it is your religion that gives you the authority to judge me. After all, isn’t that the lesson that Jesus taught us all?

  5. Elizabeth says:

    I’m confused. Isn’t the purpose of this blog to let people know how they are annoying you? Now you are annoying them. It is high time you do some genuflecting and some sort of penance (20 Hail Mary’s, some fiddling with your rosary beads and no more solitary activities involving Kleenex). You will be granted absolution upon praying an Act of Contrition, unholy one.

    In reference to your closing: “This message was brought to you by “Jews against Catholics whose motto is…Oy vey, give US your money.” Don’t we already have your money?

  6. tannerleah says:

    Wow – a non practicing Jew mocking Catholics. That is some chutzpah.

    I will not show contrition nor will I work on my grammar and sentence structure. To live in the world of Tannerleah, you have to suck it up and be tough. No pussies allowed.

    And yes, Jews own the world. Do you really need to be reminded? I think it is this lack of humility that pi**ed off Hitler. (And with that comment, I am quite sure I have crossed the line once again).

  7. Elizabeth says:

    In actuality, I am a non-believing practitioner. As proof, I sent my daughter to Jewish day school for eight years, I don’t eat treyfe, I give tzudakah, have mezuzahs on all my doorposts and take the girls to shul. I ask the same question of all religions: isn’t it more important what you do than what you believe? Can’t we adhere to a code of conduct (social evolution) without also sacrificing reason, logic and the scientific method? Maybe it doesn’t matter because we are all Boltzmann brains floating around in the cosmos…

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