Woman Killed Trying To Leave KKK Initiation

Who knew it was possible to give the KKK an even worse reputation? Well, it happens. Apparently, there are self formed splinter cells that use the KKK “brand” to put together groups of disenfranchised people. Some, it would seem, are slighly less intelligent than others.

In Covington, LA, one of these small groups was performing an initiation ritual on a potential new member. The young woman was recruited on the Internet from Oklahoma. Her mission was to be initiated at a campsite in Sun, LA by her fellow Klansmen, then return to her hometown and “spread the word”.

To the woman’s credit, at some point during the initiation, she figured out that she wanted no part of it and tried to leave. My guess is that it was during the “young woman from out of town gets gang raped by racists” part of the ritual. In any event, she was shot and killed for changing her mind.

The body was discovered the following day and the entire klan of 8 were rustled up in short order. It would appear that the 8 had a hard time keeping their story straight and not ratting each other out. St. Tammany Parish Sheriff Jack Strain described the group thusly, “The IQ level of this group is not impressive, to be kind.” Here is a photo of the mastermind of the klan, Raymond “Chuck” Foster:

Klan Slaying

(He looks better when he is wearing his KKK robe). Chuck was charged with 2nd degree murder and the other 5 men and 2 woman (all between the ages of 20 and 30…bright future ahead for these kids) were charged with obstruction of justice. The group of 8 referred to themselves as the “Dixie Brotherhood.”

It is clear to me that the real KKK needs to protect their brand more vigorously. If I started a club called the “Mafia”, I am pretty sure it wouldn’t be long before Tony Soprano showed up at my door…especially if I was poaching money from him.

The KKK needs to do the same thing. Don’t let these stupid, quasi racists ruin your reputation. You want to make sure you are hated for the right reasons. Plus, these idiots just killed a white woman! I am pretty sure that is against the KKK code of conduct. At the very least, make these short bus graduates pay a hefty fee to use the klan logo. You might also want to start an official apparel line like the NFL has. I am sure you can work something out with Nike or Adidas.

As to whether others in the area should be frightened by the Dixie Brotherhood, Strain put it this way. “I can’t imagine anyone feeling endangered or at risk by any one of these kooks.” Um, Sheriff Strain, I think the young woman from Oklahoma might disagree with your assessment…if she were still alive.

Wait a minute. 2 stupid women from Louisiana were part of the klan? Anyone know where the Spears sisters currently are? Just sayin’…


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