Obama Bringing Back Clinton Cronies.

What happened to all of the “change” that was supposed to happen? First, Rahm Emanuel and now John Podesta are added to the “new” team. Soon we will be reading that George Stephanopoulos is back in the gang. The only Clinton crony I would be ok seeing is Janet Reno. Mmmm….Janet. What man doesn’t tingle for her?





When I was envisioning Barry’s new team, I thought it would truly be “new” people. Not just a bunch of rehashed Washington insiders who play politics for a living. We have gone that route many times and it always results in the same old policies and political bickering


I have already mentioned that Chuck Norris should be the Secretary of Defense. Here are some of my other choices.


Secretary of State – Pam Beasley from “The Office”. She is an awesome secretary plus she is hot in that “I don’t know I’m hot” way.


Department of the Interior – Flava Flav. Have you seen his house on Cribs? Flav knows how to put an interior together. Plus, free clocks for everyone! (Although you do have to wear them around your neck).


Homeland Security Chief. – Hannibal Lecter. I don’t know where he is hanging these days but I know that no one would ever mess with him, or us. Fava beans indeed.


Department of Health – Snoop Dog. He is in good shape, lean and knows every drug ever created. Plus, he does not seem to be a Bogart.


EPA – No one is better in protecting the environment than Aquaman. He can talk to the fishes plus has the ability to walk on land. He is also good friends with all of the other Super Heroes and doesn’t have the crappy attitude of say, Batman. (Yeah Bruce, we get it. You are full of angst. Enough already)


Token Republican appointment – Sarah Palin. Really, was there ever any doubt? Her main job will be to buy clothes and look good. (Barry might need to impose a slight tax increase…her stuff isn’t cheap) Plus, she can keep talking about hockey moms, pigs with lipstick, ACORN, etc. and I get to keep the tissue makers in the black. Did I mention she is still a Maverick?


So there is my list, Barry. Obviously, it is way better than yours so if you need to steal some of my selections, feel free to do so. And no, my gay friends, I did not ignore you. I will have a new department. The “Back Door” Negotiation Team. It will be headed up by one of our most famous and popular gays, George Clooney.


Sorry Joe “the Di**head” Plumber. No job for you on Barry’s team. Oh, and pay your damned taxes!


If you would like to add to my list, please feel free to do so.




11 Responses to Obama Bringing Back Clinton Cronies.

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I nominate Bill Maher (writer and star of Religulous, host of Politically Incorrect) for Secretary of State. He’s half Jewish and half Catholic and may be the only man to inject some much needed humor into the the state of world affairs. There may be a problem though, as there is no list of “famous Arabic comedians”, hence, they may not appreciate the humor.

    US Attorney General: my main man, my only man, Eliot (spelled with one l and one t) Spitzer. Peccadilloes or not, this man will clean up Washington (and Wall St)! Eliot, you are da man!

  2. tannerleah says:

    Eliot “I can’t keep my di** in my pants” Spitzer? The guy that cheated on his wife and indirectly used the public’s money to pay for his $1000 an hour hooker? Are we talking about the same guy?

    I think you kind of don’t want your Attorney General to be a criminal. If it doesn’t matter, let’s have Ted Stevens do the job. At least he is a better liar.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Yes, that Eliot. Suppose he wasn’t getting any at home…suppose prostitution was legal (as our future Secretary of State Bill Maher advocates)…suppose his sexual satiation made him BETTER at his job…suppose…

  4. tannerleah says:

    Oh, you meant in “suppose” world. Yeah, I don’t live there. But if I did…

    Suppose he also enjoyed unprotected gay sex and contracted AIDS…suppose he got a huge, gaping herpes sore on his mouth from his hooker and had to explain it to his wife…suppose said wife says, “enough” and caves his head in with a 9 iron…suppose he can’t do his job because he is now dead…suppose…

  5. Elizabeth says:

    touché dude…

  6. tannerleah says:

    Did you just call me a douche?

  7. Elizabeth says:

    That’s douché with the proper diacritical markings…

  8. Steve Brogan says:

    I knew other people had to be noticing the obvious that the retreads from the Clinton years are popping out all over like plants after a good rain. Is this change we can believe in? Also, Obama has to stop putting so many Blacks in his cabinet , nudge nudge wink wink, say no more, say no more, we all know Paul Volcker and the rest of the retreads are brothers. Wow, this is really change! Perhaps this awesome change can be helped along by getting Socks the cat back at the White House. Oh happy day, everything is like new!

  9. tannerleah says:

    So that explains why David Gergen was also saying such nice things about O during the campaign.

    Oh well, as long as they bring back that drunk Dee Dee Myers for entertainment purposes, I am cool with it.

  10. andrew says:

    Hey look, another agent of change may be on the horizon. But this one is actually smoking hot! Better get the Jergens ready…


    Change you can believe in!

  11. tannerleah says:

    Pant suits…mmmm….yummy.

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