Patriots Fire Evil Nazi Cheerleader For Writing On Drunk Guy

Raise your hand if you have ever written on someone who was either passed out or asleep. If not wrote on, how about put shaving cream on or blew in their face? I think pretty much everyone has done something like this once or twice in their life.

Well, New England Patriots cheerleader Caitlin Davis and her friends did this exact thing to some guy that appears to be passed out. Here a shot of the beautiful young Caitlin and the “victim”.


As you can see, it is mostly silly stuff like a drawing of a penis or various other profane words and drawings. One of the drawings says, “I am Jewish” while another is the Star of David. Assuming the person is Jewish, this should not be found terribly offensive. So far, so good. Just a harmless prank.

The problem, apparently, is that if you look closely you can also see a couple of swastika’s drawn on our drunken friend. My guess is, since the guy is allegedly Jewish, someone thought that drawing a swastika on him would be funny or ironic…and maybe to the guy it was!

Unfortunately for Caitlin, Robert Kraft (the owner of the Patriots) is Jewish and also a fierce supporter of Israel. He takes his Judaism very seriously. He failed to get the joke or see the humor in any of this. So, he summarily fired Caitlin for behavior that reflected poorly on the organization.

Here is the thing. Caitlin is all of 18 years old. The reason the Patriots hired her in the first place is because she was excited to do community work. This was consistent with the work she had done with her church while growing up. I don’t think we would confuse 18 year old cheerleaders with political and religious intelligentsia.

She was with a bunch of friends doing silly and stupid things and, like most things these days, it ended up on MySpace. Was it poor judgement on her part? Of course but what else would you expect? Instead of throwing her out the door as an embarrassment to the organization, why not use her as an example of how poor judgement can lead to bad consequences?

If it makes you feel better Bob, have her go to the local synagogue and plead for forgiveness. Have her speak in public places about the risks of casually using historically hateful references, even if it is just a stupid joke. My sense is that Bob needs to get a sense of humor and remember when he was 18. Am I condoning her behavior? Not at all. By the same token, I don’t think that young folks that do stupid things should be publicly humiliated and branded as a nazi sympathizer.

And let’s be clear here, there is no evidence that she actually drew the offensive symbols or even noticed them. The guy is covered in graffiti! I had to look several times to see the swastikas. If she is like most 18 year old girls, she was 100% focused on looking good for the camera rather than checking out what her idiot friends wrote on a drunk guy.

I know that swastikas and nazi-ism do not make for good comedy material. Whoever drew the symbols is not at all well educated about their meaning or the weight they still carry to this day. It is no doubt sad that these young folks don’t understand this. However, based on what little we know about Caitlin, and the fact that the guy is covered in primarily penis pictures and comments, I think it is safe to say that an anti-semitic comment was not the prime mission here. Stupidity, plain and simple. If you still need more evidence, Caitlin listed People Magazine as her favorite book on her MySpace bio. Starting to see a pattern?

Bob, chastise the young woman as you see fit but give her a chance to redeem herself. It’s the Christian Jewish thing to do.

(Elizabeth, my Jewish expert, am I wrong?)


6 Responses to Patriots Fire Evil Nazi Cheerleader For Writing On Drunk Guy

  1. Elizabeth says:

    “Hello, I’m Elizabeth and I’m a recovered alcoholic”…”hello Elizabeth” to the background sound of applause… (just trying to get my street cred established before I comment). I found it hard to swallow that Mr. Kraft fired Ms. Davis for anti-Semitic drawings. I tapped into my own initial feelings while looking at the photo and certainly, anti-Semitism did not rear its ugly head. My first thought: here was a young man, possibly suffering from alcohol poisoning (which can be fatal or permanently disabling) who was apparently so impaired that he could not feel significant tactile pressure in the form of body painting, smearing, tattooing, etc., and his friends were equally impaired and would not recognize respiratory depression, dangerous arrhythmias or know what to do if the unconscious young man aspirated his own vomit or had a seizure (all symptoms of alcohol poisoning). This reminded me of a Dateline or 20/20 segment years ago where a partier was drowning and his friends laughed it off as they thought he was “clowning around” or “faking it”. This was all videotaped. Needless to say, he ended up severely and permanently disabled. Binge drinking is a serious issue that need to be addressed by parents and school personnel. If my daughter had participated in those shenanigans, I would have been all over her, 18 years old or not. She would have attended a Mom’s School of Hard Knocks seminar on binge drinking and alcohol poisoning and I would have found a way to leverage some sort of punishment (financial withholding, stern lecture, extreme expressed disappointment, no shopping excursions). No, I believe, Robert Kraft acted RESPONSIBLY in firing Caitlin as her behavior DID reflect poorly on the organization. What is wrong with holding students to a higher standard of behaviour and having high expectations? As the child of an alcoholic, I used to believe that “boys will be boys” (or substitute girls) and that we all indulged in reckless behaviour in our misspent youth, after that was modeled for me. Not so, from observing my own tee-totaling high schoolers and their choice of friends and having the privilege of knowing upstanding and promising college students who do act RESPONSIBLY. I have come to the conclusion that it is not unreasonable to expect your college student son/daughter to adhere to a code of behaviour. We are not talking about slugging back a few beers. This is BINGE DRINKING with potentially LETHAL consequences. And yes, I would give Caitlin a second chance, after some counseling and community service in a rehab center. Now, as to Jewish humor…Jews comprise some of our best (and funniest!) comedians. The Nazi-esque Broadway musical “The Producers” was written by Jews and features a segment called “Springtime for Hitler” which shows we DO have a sense of humor. Allow me some more self indulgence…after posting a list of Jewish scientists and actors on stopannoyingme, here is my list of famous Jewish comedians:

    Jerry Seinfeld
    Milton Berle
    Adam Sandler
    Freddie Prinze
    Jon Stewart
    Jerry Sadowitz
    Alan King
    Rob Schneider
    Jon Lovitz
    The Marx Brothers
    Sacha Baron-Cohen
    Rodney Dangerfield
    Mats-Peter Sernrot
    Lenny Bruce
    Shari Lewis
    Al Franken
    Marcel Marceau
    Jerry Lewis
    Billy Crystal
    Fanny Brice
    Gilda Radner
    Jerry Stiller
    George Burns
    Bill Maher
    Andy Kaufman
    Red Buttons
    Carl Reiner
    Richard Lewis
    Fritz Freleng
    Bruce Vilanch
    Howie Mandel

  2. tannerleah says:

    Marcel Marceau? Really? He made the list? I think that might be a bit of a reach.

    See the space above? That’s where my Marcel Marceau joke is. Pretty damned funny, eh?

  3. Elizabeth says:

    You have just been anointed honorary Jew.

  4. tannerleah says:

    Do I get some money or the cool looking beanie to wear?

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Your yarmulke is in the mail and I’ll throw in a few sheklels if you promise to pepper your commentary with more Yiddish (aka Hebonics).

  6. Elizabeth says:

    Oops, that’s shekels, not sheklels…my bad.

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