Hey Lesbians. Why Are You So Angry?

I wrote a short message about Lindsay Lohan and her unpleasant looking girl/boyfriend, Samantha Ronson. Someone posted my link at some lesbian message boards so I went over there to see what was going on. (Strictly as a fact finding mission).

Man, was I disappointed. Most of the lesbians just seemed to be pi**ed off at everyone; particularly men. I don’t understand this. Is it because the “real” lesbians are kind of hard looking and men are mean to them? It is a genetic predisposition to just hate all things male? I simply don’t understand.

I guess why I am confused is that gay men are probably the nicest group of people on earth. How many straight women have a gay friend? Almost all of them. However, how many lesbian women have a straight male friend? Probably not nearly as many. Hell, even closet gays like Ted Haggard seem to always be in a pretty good mood.

Now, again, it could be a “looks” thing. Gay men tend to be thin, well groomed and fastidious. Lesbian women…not so much. Bad haircuts, no make up, thick legs, always wearing jeans, etc. Probably the biggest sin of the lesbian wardrobe is the flannel shirt. (Please do yourself a favor and burn all of them immediately, unless you are DJ Pat Pat…she rocks the look!)


Still, gay men put up with a ton of persecution and seem to deal with it fairly well. importantly, they seem to have an ability to keep their sense of humor in tact. Lesbians, excluding Ellen DeGeneres, seem to always be in a sour mood and can be downright hateful. Completely unlike the happy lesbian women I see in my adult movies.

So my dear, lesbian friends. Cheer up! We get it. You can be just as surly as a man. But why would you want to be? If you would just be nice, your life would be so much easier. Both men and women, in general, would be open to loving you just as you are if you would just stop grimacing all of the time. Lose the flannel, slap some lipstick on the pig (to use a political metaphor), maybe buy one or two skirts, let your hair grow past your shoulders (this is a BIG one) and put a smile on your face!

The world wants to love you but it is hard to hug a cactus. Be happy like your male counterparts and watch the world become your oyster! I am glad I was able to help you with my little pep talk. No need to thank me.


92 Responses to Hey Lesbians. Why Are You So Angry?

  1. Love it man…you are all over the big issues!

  2. art vandelay says:

    True dat!

  3. tannerleah says:

    Just trying to make the world a better place by spreading the love.

    Is there any group I have not offended at this point? Hmm…don’t think I have written anything about “little people”, yet.

  4. art vandelay says:

    The lollipop guild is a MUST…cheer me up…..I’m depressed from the election!

  5. Rachael says:

    This is so heterosexist…

    Open Your Mind!!!

  6. tannerleah says:

    Rachael – Please stop making up words. This isn’t Scrabble.

  7. llhaesa says:

    Funny, my experience within the lesbian community is wholly different, go figure.

  8. tannerleah says:

    Well, to be totally honest, my experience with the lesbian community consists of knowing one really, really angry lesbian and reading a message board for about 5 minutes. I may have slightly overstated my level of knowledge.

    I am glad to hear, however, that there are happy lesbians in the world. I like happy people.

  9. “Completely unlike the happy lesbian women I see in my adult movies.”

    Those women aren’t “lesbians.” They just like sex.

  10. tannerleah says:

    Igor – Not a big fan of women?

  11. Igor Alexander says:

    I like women just fine when they don’t have a chip on their shoulders.

  12. Igor Alexander says:

    This entry inspired me to write the following article:

  13. tannerleah says:

    Igor, I am still feeling a little bit of an anger vibe but, I must admit, not much in your article that I can disagree with. Gay men and gay women could not be more different in almost every way.

    Still, I am going to ignore the truth and continue to believe in my lipstick lesbians. It is an American tradition and I will not be swayed!

    • ASDF says:

      Those girl on girl pornstars aren’t lesbians because nearly all of them are bisexual ie. they do both men and women on camera (and actually like it)

      I always find it pathetic when some straight men claim to like (and maybe even defend) lesbians solely due to porn. When a) they aren’t lesbians and b) real lesbians most likely hate you

      So maybe it’s that face palm worthy when you all don’t realise the fact and think any type of real lesbian would pander to you ‘sexually’

      And btw, yes, a lot, though not all, lesbians do hate men and I bet you read The L Chat.
      They don’t just hate men both straight and gay but also women of the straight and especially bisexual variety.
      Last but not least, trans people.

  14. Winston Smith says:

    This is so true. I live in a big gay and lesbian neighborhood, and I am so sick of putting up with their rude self indulgences. They don’t even seem to like other women. The only beings I see them treating with civility are their dogs.

    One of the funniest sites on line is “men who look like old lesbians.” Except I kept thinking they look too good humoured, too friendly.

  15. Winston Smith says:

    Oh and someone on here is going to come on and point out exceptions like Ellen, who seems really nice and funny. And yes I had a tomboy type lesbian neghbour who was really cool and had a sense of fun. However, exceptions do generally prove the rule.

  16. Sena Torlay says:

    I know this is an old post but I read it and had to comment. I agree…it’s hard to find a happy lesbian! We all have dark sides, but must you live there all the time? Oh, BTW, I have more male friends than Lesbians. Too much drama for me man.

  17. Anonymuous says:

    Lesbians are man haters & they are penis envy. Plain & simple

  18. Anonymous says:

    I came across your entry when, after wondering my entire life what is going on with most lesbians, I finally googled “why are lesbians so angry?” It’s not a myth, and while there may be some exceptions, I have a theory which has evolved over the decades from my experiences knowing/working with/being around women who were either open or closeted lesbians (yah, nice disguise there with the Doc Marts and overalls): Lesbians, primarily the most overtly masculine, are angry with men for running the world, and angry with heterosexual women for tolerating men. I know it’s a simplified theory, and not based on scientific research, but I stand by it. I have literally had angry lesbians attempt to physically beat me up (didn’t work out for any of them, oddly enough) with no provocation or justification, other than I was a man, and apparently a threat to something they held dear. It’s baffling. I have seen lesbians in the workplace overcompensate so badly that they alienated the entire organization, even other lesbians, because they seemed desperate to be perceived as successful. I can’t understand what’s going on in those heads, because I’m not qualified to do that sort of analysis from a medical standpoint, but I’m convinced that I’m right on this one. Additionally, the few exceptions I’ve encountered were, in EVERY case, feminine lesbians, who were nearly indistinguishable from hetero women, aside from their overtly masculine lesbian partners, who typically dressed more like men than most men do. It’s an intriguing but undeniable mystery.

  19. jaida says:

    nah My sister is a lesbian and shes a complete bitch! Before she was a lesbian she was a bitch but coming out has made her the most self rightous person. ALL she ever talks about is being gay like lesbians have to constantly remind people they are lesbians. I dont care really I dont rub my hetero sexuality into other peoples faces. Her gf is even worse man if you even disagree with anything then they label you a ‘Homophobe’ despite the fact youre arguing about say school uniforms or somthing totally un related. I used to be okay with lesbians but man the more i meet the more I actually prefer to be away from them. I have many gay friends but lesbians really need to chill the eff out and really, they hate women just as much, straight women who wont “Turn” just because I wasnt going to be a lesbian I had a group of them shoving me and screaming that I was a homophobe cause Im not gay…wtf…

  20. Jeffrey says:

    It’s not medical and it’s not genetic. It’s cultural. Males are needed for war and females are needed for motherhood. The gender roles are based on these national necessities. Freedom for men is the freedom to not militarize. Freedom for women is the ability to not be subordinate to control their own reproduction. Gays and lesbians (for whatever personal psychological reasons and they are unconscious) stand out because they deviate from this culturally enforced norm. The necessity is national, but it is waning, which is why more and more freedom is allowed. Homosexuality is a side effect because gender defiance upsets a culturally constructed hetero attraction. Homosexual desire is naturally universal, but suppressed more or less where societies construct it this way. Some western societies (most famously ancient Greece) have gender consonant homosexuality baked into a “straight” gender role, and nearly everyone participates. Since what is needed to balance recent history is warm, empathetic males and autonomous, assertive females, gay liberation is just another way of saying men’s and women’s liberation. The nationalists on the right make homosexuality (men’s lack of militarization) and abortion (women’s refusal to be forced mothers) their rallying cry. Internationalists on the left trumpet gay liberation. It’s all a matter of national necessity and the convergence of all peoples into a single, united, global society.

  21. Anonymous says:

    All lesbians are misandrists. Plain & simple

  22. SeriouslyTheTruth says:

    there are so much more gay women out there now than ever before, and it is certainly a very good reason why us good straight guys can’t meet a decent woman anymore. women into other women has certainly become so common these days, and i am not going to blame myself either since much more women will curse at us when we will try to start a conversation with the one that we would really like to meet. and it seems to me that many of these women were very much abused by men at one time, or their parents must have abused them when they were growing up. very sad.

  23. Anonymous says:

    people hate to stereotype, but for the most part…. IT’S TRUE. Lesbians are some very pissed offed individuals. Plus Lesbian life is purposely an exercise in being separatist. Gay men realize there’s more to life than just gay men. Gay women, not so. A few lesbians are nice but as a rule, they hate men. SO fuck them.

  24. Unbelievable says:

    I have a daughter that is gay and she is always angry, and I have to agree with an earlier posting lesbians are men haters. In my daughters case she was married,brought a little girl into the world and six years later decided she is gay not only screwing up her hubby’s life but also her daughters, the only way she deals with the child is by screaming at her at the top of her lungs. She has since given the child to the father as the child cramped her lifestyle ( Sad but true ). Now here is the kicker, I work nights and after 34 years of marriage my Lesbo daughter has turned my wife ( now ex ) to the lesbo side. I will say this in closing, being gay is a choice ( A sickness ) I don’t believe for a second these people are born this way.

  25. Anonymous says:

    I hear you unbelieveable. My sister since becoming a lesbian has neglected her children since her divorce. All she does is party at gay bars leaving our mother or the nanny to raise her kids. She took the summer off not to be with her children but to attend gay pride all over europe. Within two weeks of her divorce she had girls over while the kids were still fresh from the divorce. Basically having sex with her gf in front of me on my couch and calls me homophobic when i say thats not cool…gay or straight dont dry hump when everyone else is watching a movie… She forces her sons to carry to carry tinkerbell bookbags in pink, she wants them to wear dresses though they dont want to because she wants gay sons. I dont believe its a sickness but i believe that many lesbians take it too far in trying to prove something…what it is I dont know. All i can say is meeting more and more lesbians makes me not like them based on experience, if I meet a nice cool lesbian i hope that changes my mind but as to date i havent, maybe one nice lady i worked with but she was one great lesbian out of say the 30 odd ones i know…argh the irony of not hating them until i met them

  26. ReallyHappened says:

    my wife did leave me for another woman, and i was a very good husband that was very loving, caring, and very committed to her as well. the Lesbian Population has certainly increased over the years that i have noticed, and that is very sad for us straight guys looking to meet a good decent straight woman today especially when this has really happened to us. even the women that are straight do have a very bad attitude problem when i am trying to start a conversation with the one that i would really like to meet. then again, many of them must be Gay to begin with. how very pathetic that women have become.

    • Jim says:

      You are correct, my daughter went gay leving her hubby and daughter, and I truly believe that she has my ex swinging both ways. I think it is terrible that the government has the nerve to make it legal for these sick individuals to marry. Like I said this country is going to hell in a hand basket.

      • ReallyHappened says:

        you are so very right, and i am having a very hard time finding a good woman again. i hate going out as it is since it is a joke trying to connect with another good woman to share my life with, and i will admit that i hate very much being single and alone now. it is very sad that there are so much more Gay Women nowadays which is certainly the problem for many of us straight men looking, and even the straight women are so very nasty to talk too nowadays. all i can say is, where in the world are the good women like our mom’s were back then?

        • Jim says:

          @ Really Happened, our mothers were a rare breed back then when you loved and married someone that is who you are with, I also agree with your statement about the difficulty of finding a good woman as there aren’t many of them out there and I’d have to say the women are probably having a hard time finding good men, nowadays it’s about getting what you want from a person and moving on to the next. It has become a sad world we live in.

          • ReallyHappened says:

            and speaking of Lesbians, there are so many of them nowadays too which is adding to the problem. they like to curse at us men when we will try to start a conversation with them, now how very sad is that? they are without a doubt the reason why us good men can’t meet a decent woman today like i have mentioned before with my last comment. these type of women must have been so very badly abused by men at one time, or their parents abused them when they were growing up. and with shows like Oprah and Sex in the city, certainly messed their heads up even more. had we been born much sooner, then we could have avoided this mess today and most likely would had met a good woman to have a life with instead of going out all the time and trying to find a good one again. my aunt and uncle just celebrated their 65th year together, and that just shows you how much different the women were years ago when they were certainly much better educated. well good luck finding another one, and i am hoping to find a good one as well. that is, if they still exist.

          • Jim says:

            @ Really Happened, yes they still exists and I just like you will continue to look until I too find one. What is sad about the whole lesbian thing is as in my daughters case is the fact that they don’t care that they have hurt others as long as they can get what they want. Well I wish you all the luck in the world finding the one.

  27. Serious Mike says:

    it is very sad that we have so many very pathetic piece of garbage women out there these days after reading many of these comments.

  28. jean says:

    What a fucked up post. I have definitely known some lesbians that were controlling, bitchy and aggressive. I’ve also known others who are incredibly sweet and funny, and who have many straight male AND female friends. Furthermore, who are you to tell a woman how to dress. Guess what?! A lesbian doesnt give a shit if you dont like her short hair and choice of clothing. Sounds like all the dudes on here have their panties in a twist. No wonder so many lesbians dislike men, you all act totally ignorant! Furthermore for all the individuals posting stories about turned lesbians who became bad mothers… I can mention at least a dozen straight women who are awful mothers, friends and members of society. So dumb and uninformed. Sounds like the angry ones here are you men.

    This is coming from a straight woman by the way. I’m tired of men/heterosexuals passing judgement on people totally different then you.

  29. straight sarcastic white female says:

    The definition of gay means happy, so are lesbians becoming hippocrits as well?

  30. Big Al says:

    I don’t hate all lesbians, I know a couple that are great (and i’m a straight male), we can talk about girls, and there’s no sexual tension. But there are others that I know, that sadly seem like the majority, that are just downright rude, angry all the time and just seem to hate everyone. I can’t work it out either.

    • Bill says:

      I agree al as I have a daughter that is a lesbo and she hates the world. I have to say I agree with Phil Robertson being gay is a sin. Sodomy is illegal in all 50 states but the government wants to make it legal? Well I am completely ashamed of my daughter. Give the gays their own island and see how long they could last, don’t think there would be much reproducing.

  31. Chris says:

    This is so on point about lesbians, angry angry creatures for the most part.

  32. Derp says:

    I have only met 2 or 3 lesbians who have actually had their heads on right. The majority have been egotistical, self-entitled loudmouths who believe the only way to live is how they say you should live. So much anger and hostility from that crowd. I mean, sure, we’re all scared of things in life, it’s the human condition. That doesn’t mean you have to turn into a mega-bitch who does nothing but repel people to shield themselves from being hurt or from the fear of being hurt. It’s called life. Grow the fuck up and learn to cope.

  33. Lesbisdontcount says:

    @Rachel laughing at heterosexist because you’re a run of the mill, dykey, feminazi

  34. Mario says:

    I have a certain breed of dog and whenever I see that breed walking with their people I like to go up and ask if I can see their dog. Most people are very accommodating and we chat and I play with their dogs — most people EXCEPT LESBIANS! Come on, Lesbians! You might be a lesbian and I might be an evil white male, but hey, we both love the same breed of dog. Isn’t that enough to bridge our differences? Lighten up! Men in real life do not act as tough as you try to. If we did, we’d be getting into fights constantly. That’s why lesbians get away with their bullish and hateful behavior. If they were men, they’d get punched in their faces. Stop acting like twisted caricatures of men and treat people with a little politeness and dignity. Smile and the world smiles with you.

  35. alice says:

    But this is just so wrong.. because
    1) Most lesbians HATE getting hit on by men, or look attractive and sexy for the ”straight” dude, so in order to avoid that, looking masculine like that is a great way to avoid that.
    It’s also, for many genderqueer people, really dysphoric to get hit on by man, who see them as women
    2) + For other lesbians looking like that is a big turn on. Masculine women ARE freaking hot(!) Women like it, guys don’t (Isn’t that the point of being lesbian, attracting women?”
    3) But anyway, they are born that masculine though. It’s nothing they can control, they are just being themselves, and wearing what’s comfortable
    4) It’s also a great way for lesbians to spot eachother, if everyone were walking around like feminine girls, how the fuck were we supposed to tell people apart

    And men always have the right to opiniate women, you don’t walk around judging what kind of pants or angry faces other guys are wearing are you? Just because someones born female, doesn’t mean that they aren’t like guys inside.

  36. Johnson Simpson says:

    We must be screwed in this country. 70 years ago, pride meant something totally different. A couple would take their child to go see a parade, a parade celebrating the nation’s amazing fortitude to come together and work hard in every way possible to defeat enemies on two fronts of the globe, and come out successful by way of teamwork and patriotism. Nowadays, pride means parading down those same streets all spray painted up with glitter and playin grabass with the pervert next to you wearing a giant penis costume with a bunch of flannel wearing angry wackos cheering them on. I don’t know what that is, but it damn sure isn’t something to be proud about.

  37. theevilhour says:

    Ellen DeGeneres was very combative and angry when she first came out on TV in the 90s and the network promptly cancelled her show. She claims it’s because she’s gay. Now I think she understands it was her being an angry lesbian and nobody likes that. Except some lesbians.

    Now I think Ellen DeGeneres learned that being a lesbian is just a tiny part of who she is, and her humor came back even better.

    I think the lesbian culture is this political BS that most people grow out of, but you can’t see that because they blend in pretty well with the society, not standing up like a sore thumb.

  38. theevilhour says:

    As a “lesbian” I hate this angry, politically correct lesbian culture with flaming fireball. A lot of people don’t call themselves lesbian for this same reason, including myself. There are plenty of funny lesbians, but only a tiny minority.

  39. theevilhour says:

    The reason is because men and women deal with the sadness of oppression differently. Men generally want to mask their true emotions and make light of it. Women generally whine.

    • John Door says:

      So true women in general are just bitchy, and anything that bleeds for days is nasty men are so dumb they don’t care as long as they dress up like hookers there good. Uck

  40. Without A Doubt says:

    Lesbians are a waste of Humanity.

  41. I have also experienced some lesbian hate and have been deeply puzzled about it. I was friends with a power lesbian who would tell people that I was “sexually charging” the room when I entered. Even though she is an adult she seems to have the character and personality of an angry teenage boy. She’s not the first such power lesbian I’ve encountered. I’ve worked with one who was very possessive of any women we met. I’m recovering from a bad injury and am not out to land any women, so it boggles the mind that the power lesbian feels that I am some sort of threat. Wait until I am fully healed and see how big a threat I become when I can actually seduce women again! Anyhow I have enjoyed reading the comments from others who have encountered The Lesbian Hate. I’m glad I am not alone in this. Dealing with them is totally, TOTALLY different from dealing with gay men. I feel like I’m dealing with The Observers (from FRINGE) at times. Yes, they do seem to have a sort of preverbal dialogue with each other. Boggles the mind. I guess if I see them erecting a carbon-monoxide generator my fears will be confirmed.

  42. Jamie says:

    This article was pretty funny and, even though it could be considered stereotypical, there are points that I consider to be true and false. A majority of lesbian women I’ve come across have been really aggressive with so much testosterone that you’d swear they had male genitalia.However, I have lesbian friends who are nice, but the girlfriend of one (who’s the typical butch type) threatened to kick my ass because she didn’t know who I was. Did it occur to her to ask my name and be civil rather than threatening? Most also always seem to be spiteful and will go on a rant about any subject. As for your comment about the gay community, they are most certainly NOT the nicest people. Most females just have a gay friend not because of their personality, but because of their orientation and that it’s an “in” thing. There are some nice ones, but there is a lot of cattiness, rudeness, immense shallowness, and even racism that goes on in the community and behind the scenes–two-faced if you will. Both groups aren’t perfect

  43. Brent says:

    I agree their are some very sweet lesbians whom I love very much. But living in Pdx I see and know quite a few gay females and a lot just seem very pissed and surly. I’m a tall, good-looking hetero-male and I know that this does piss off a small% of dykes. If they were more cool and laid back I feel they would get more ass and respect. Imo. Also I find woman are usually more surly and angry then any man! Women can be very cruel and evil creatures especially to one another.

  44. Anonymous says:

    I just read this because my friend whom I suspect is a closet lesbian
    Is such a bitch and so aggressive. She lives in my subdivision, and when the women get together to go out or do a community project, this woman has to be in charge and do her macho thing. She has gotten so obnoxious no one really likes to be around her. She is married but not happy. I was just wondering if people experienced the same behaviors from lesbians they know.

    Now I see they do. We should all get the nerve to confront aggressive mean lesbians and tell them to lighten up.

  45. alberto says:

    Bottom line, it’s a man’s world. Lesbians hate to admit that. So it creates anger. Beautiful straight woman hugs and kisses a gay man, he loves it as do other gay men around. Handsome macho straight guy hugs and kisses a lesbian, her lover looks like she wants to kill him why? Because she knows the power men have and she hates it. That’s the explanation. Many may disagree, but I bet there are many who agree with this.

    • sasha says:

      You would be mad too if a man hugged your girlfriend or wife. Men are threats. They’re rapists and killers whether you like it or not.

      If it’s power then why do we have lesbians? Why can’t all women love the all powerful c*ck holding males?

      • h says:

        Sasha, You are an utter moron. “they are rapists and murderers” Because as we ALL know, women NEVER murder, rape, assault, beat, hurt, torture, belittle, mentally/physically abuse anybody! Let us just ignore the fact that domestic abuse is rife in lesbian relationships…. But you are one of the man-hating brigade, so you are blind to logic.

        • Juilette says:

          Most murderes and rapists are men.

          Get over it.

          How is it rife? You’re one of those “I hate lesbians cause lesbians are mean” brigade. Statistics or shut the fuck up.

      • Albertorios says:

        You’ve just proven the point. It’s a man’s world and these fat grotesque nasty dykes out there look the way they do, hate men the way they do, because we’ll hey, they wish they were men. Hell even drag Queens beat out other biological women with the way some of them look. So you see, it’s a man’s world and all you angry slap mouth dykes need to find a better way to be content and learn to take better care of yourselves.

      • sammynp91 says:

        You’ve got to be trolling.You make lesbians like me look bad. But then again you can’t take a dick so you taking jokes is out of the question

  46. NoLie says:

    Then again, their such Losers anyway.

  47. Djoapplejuice says:

    I have the unfortunate pleasure to work directly with a pissed off lesbian and it sucks! Always mad always bitching always taking jabs oh boy. Just trying to be nice but that seems to make her worse. I and sorry you don’t have a penis.

  48. Becfuckinmaiden says:

    The person that published this article should go sit on a broken bottle

  49. Gary says:

    Who the hell is the Husband in that relationship?

  50. Beth says:

    This is very stereotypical… girly women can be just as gay as a more masculine woman and a mans man can be just as gay as a more feminine man

  51. Sasha says:

    You would be “mad” too if everyday you went out with your girlfriend, or even by yourself, and men were CONSTANTLY trying to talk to you. You’d be “mad” too if you had to watch your back all day, everyday so that some man won’t rape or try to capture you. And then on top of that get blamed for it.

    Yea you try living your life as a woman and especially a lesbian. Where lesbians are seen as man-haters but it’s OK for men to be homophobic. Try living as a lesbian where men ask “how do you know you don’t like d*ck if you never tried it”? “I bet I can turn you straight”.

    There are plenty of men out there who are angry. Why don’t you write about thugs being angry and killing people just for looking at them wrong? Oh I forgot. It’s only OK when men do it, not women.

  52. h says:

    Sasha, please go back you your misandry cave and do some thinking. Stop being an over emotional psycho. You are ignoring facts, and letting your feelings take over. You hate men, for whatever reason, inferiority complex, or maybe you are just a bitch. Who knows. But you really need to grow up. Shit people are shit people, regardless of gender. It makes me laugh every time, when people like you piss and moan about equality and heh “privilege” yet want to crush and attack men at every opportunity,whilst ignoring womens shitty behaviour. Women are goddesses and men are scum. What a healthy balanced world view you have! What a smart, well adjusted nice person you must be. You kinda prove the author of this article right. I am a gay woman, and I hate the gay scene, it is full of self-important, arrogant, loud, emotional knee-jerkers, who will sleep with anything. Hence why I no longer want anything to do with Pride, gay clubs, any of it. You need to get over yourself. You are not as villified as you want everyone to think. Victimhood gets you attention, and makes up for the fact that you are just a shit person who wants to blame men for all of your problems. Same with all the “patriarchy” idiots. They want a boogeyman to blame for their failures. Funny how you never hear the successful women crying about “men holding them back”. Lesbians have it SO MUCH easier than gay men, it mean. fuck, being a lesbian is fashionable ffs! If that is not acceptance, then I don’t know what is.

  53. Red Callie says:

    Mmmmk. So I would like to start by saying a few things.

    1. I don’t hate guys. 3 out of 4 of all my friends are men (straight cis men). We drink scotch and talk sports and watch shows, play catch and have a general good old time together. And these men, are like my brothers. These men are there for me, and I am there for them. I love them, and they love me. (But we don’t have sex, and wife swap and all that adult video stuff)

    2. Most lesbians aren’t butch. Those are just the ones that you can easily identify. Me? My girlfriend? Constantly mistaken for straight girls by straight men. And it no big deal, its sweet and kinda flattering. Until sometimes when we politely tell a guy we date ladies and they become rude or hostel towards us. It happens every time we go out, and it kinda sucks when nice folks turn from sweet and flirty to rude or offensive. So sometimes we can be gaurded and rude, but it’s because people can be pretty nasty.

    3. I don’t own one price of flannel. Not even one. Never have. Probably never will. My girlfriend owns a flannel pair of bed sheets for the Winter and that’s all the flannel she owns.

    4. Some lesbians like to dress in ways that attracts other lesbians. It might not look hott to you, but a cute none gender binary butch (like Ruby Rose) is just as hott as Sara Ramirez, or Michelle Rodriguez, or our flannel clad sisters like Kristen Stewart.

    So comparing us as a group to the lesbians you see in your adult films, is kinda rude. And intentional or not, some men’s actions can leave many of us feeling hurt, and we feel the need to protect ourselves.

    I am kind and sweet. I don’t get angry when men say things like, “Are you sure? I bet i could change you. You are a waste of pretty. Is it because you were raped? Is it because you dated black men? Is it because you never dated a black man? Why do you hate men? Stop lying to me, I know you want it. It’s just not natural. Can I watch? I’m not like other men, you should try it with me. You only like woman because men don’t want to be with you. I guess you are to crazy to be with men. Who is the man in your relationship? Stop pretending, you aren’t even gay, its a phase .”

    I stay positive when strangers glare at me and my girlfriend when we hold hands in public, or when they call us dykes as we walk past. I’ve had things thrown at me when I kiss her, and I’ve had men cat call like we are nothing more than an adult video for them to watch.

    But every time people, men and woman, behave this way towards me it get a little harder to smile at the silly jokes about how you are a lesbian trapped in a man’s body, or when you are just trying to ask harmless questions.

    So I don’t hate men, I like them. They’re chill. But sometimes, we are so exhausted from people being nasty, we behave in a less than friendly way.

  54. Fizay says:

    Your annoying af lesbians don’t want to wear make up or wear a skirt and lipstick because they want to impress women same gay men are well groomed so that they can impress men deal with it

  55. sammynp91 says:

    I totally understand. I use to be a steel faced angry lesbian. But I’m more feminine now(or trying to be). Lesbians are so fucking uptight. I dont have many lesbian friends because I make dick joke and I’m constantly fun of feminists/she’s. Probably why I can’t slay the puss lol

  56. I WANT TO BE FAIR, what is really going on? were all toxic… we are eating toxic, processed food. High blood pressure, excessive fat, little exercise and lots of drugs, legal and illegal, I think the hormone issue of ingestion from animals of all kinds, even milk, mucous, and sugar are making are brothers and sisters have unusual desires , lets all take a coffee enema once a day, you will see glowing faces and strange angry behavior leave.

    • I sat on the rocks at santa monica , near the old lighthouse. I noticed two lovely actresses holding hands and then began to kiss, as the waves rolled in , and washed their feet and ankles they held each other close, as the sun was setting i tried not to stare and just meditate, they called to me “hey handsome” ? then they turned on the radio and began a circle dance and asked me to join in!, the pace became faster and then they started kissing me! “Hey Gay Girls can be fun”… they keep me on the run.. all I need is one, but two is much more fun”…. yea yea yea…..

  57. Anonymous says:

    Thank you. They can really be mean to an innocent person. An agreement was I was to pick up a neighbors dog to groom. Always did this as a favor. When the lesbian friend moved in with this married couple things became unbearable. The lesbian continually slammed the door in my face. Forced me to stand on the small porch in cold ranny snowy weather. In Summer slammed door in face.Stood on porch in over 105 degree weather. The married couple are psychologists. Coulld not take it.stopped grooming their dog. Now I’m thebad guy. Thanks

  58. Anonymous says:

    Well since these type of women are a real total waste of humanity to begin with, which all that they would need is their very own Dildos and girlfriends with a bunch of Cats.

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