Palin Will Not Release Her Medical Records Before Election

Although Sarah’s campaign had committed to releasing these records twice in the last two weeks, it is clear now that it is not going to happen. What, if anything, does this mean? By looking at her, you would have to say she is the epitome of a healthy woman. Seems like releasing the records would be a no brainer.

However, the fact that she has chosen not to release them concerns me. It leads to a wide open array of possibilities and we are just left to guess…which I will now do. What if she has the herps or big flaming genital warts? My crush for her would be severely diminished. I am not saying I still wouldn’t “do it”, I would just not enjoy it as much knowing that her diseases were trying to infiltrate my love machine.

Maybe it is not nearly as tragic as that. Maybe she had her tubes tied several years ago and can’t let people know about it. That would make sense. She would have no way to cover her tracks on Barstool really being the mother of Trigger. I never understood why it should matter but I guess 2 kids by age 17 would seem a little “whore-ish” to certain people.

Or maybe her records show she had a few abortions along the way. I don’t think she believes in contraception, as we see from the route her daughter has taken, and a Governor can only lug so many kids around. She couldn’t let that info get out because the republican base would burn her at the stake.

She also might be a nut job that needs handfuls of meds to stay coherent on any given day. If this were the case, I would respect her even more. I don’t like people that are emotionally all over the place so having her stabilized by medication is a winner. (Especially when her “friend” is visiting each month. I know she is still regular due to her latest endorsement).


Maybe because she is a good athlete and hunter, she had her ding ding cut off when she was young and went from the name Bob to Sarah. This also would have a negative impact on my crush on her. Again, I would still do it but, man, I would feel really bad about myself after.

She may have also had other plastic surgery but I don’t know why she would feel compelled to hide it. Fake boobs, nose job, face lift, etc. is pretty run of the mill these days. Maybe when she was a hockey mom she took a puck to the mouth and has all fake teeth. Again, for men anyway, this could easily be construed as a positive.

In the end, my guess is that her failure to release the documents is much less sinister than people think. I am pretty sure that in Alaska they keep medical records with an Etch-a-Sketch so they probably just accidentally shook hers up and lost the records. It happens.

This message has been approved by the liberal, left wing, socialist friends of Tannerleah.


2 Responses to Palin Will Not Release Her Medical Records Before Election

  1. O'Level, CSE says:

    really that’s the best you can come up with?

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