Teen Shot / Boy Shocked Over Campaign Signs

Are McCain / Palin signs plated in gold? I only ask because in the last week, 2 young people have been injured while messing around with them. One was electrocuted and the other was shot. Have I not been trying to tell you people to stay off of other folks’ property? You never know what a crazy homeowner will do…even for a McCain / Palin sign.

Incident number one happened in, you guessed it, Ohio! It would seem that the Buckeyes get pretty PO’d when you go near their stuff. Kenneth Rowles, 50, allegedly grabbed his rifle when he saw some hooligans messing with his incredibly valuable “Vote For McCain” sign. The clincher was when hooligan #1 (Patrick Wise, 16) yelled, “This is for Obama!” and kicked ole Ken’s sign right over. As cousin Kyree Flowers, 17, sat in the getaway car, Ken fired off 3 “warning” shots. All 3 bullets hit the car with one of the bullets hitting Flowers in the arm. (I think we can probably all understand his rage over such a heinous act).

It would seem to me that Ken must have learned to shoot at the Dick Cheney School of Precision Shooting. Just imagine what would have happened to the kids if he was really aiming at them! While I don’t normally condone violence, when you steal a mans political sign, how can you expect him not to grab a rifle? Honestly, what in the hell is going on in Ohio these days? Here’s a photo of Ken. I guess he does look kind of remorseful:

Our next story is about Shawn Turschak of Chapel Hill, NC. Shawn was fed up with people swiping his McCain / Palin signs (seeing a trend here?) and decided enough was enough. Being an electrical engineer, Shawn came up with the brilliant idea of running some voltage to his sign. That way, the next idiot that grabbed it would get electrified! Again, perfectly sound judgement and reasonable thinking being displayed here.

Sure enough, a member of the criminal element fell for the ploy. A 9 year old boy carrying an Obama / Biden sign grabbed onto Shawn’s sign. ZAP!!! The experiment worked like a charm and the dangerous punks devious plan was thwarted. His dad, Andrew Noble, was not terribly amused and filed a complaint with the po po. Sheriff Lindy Pendergrass (no relation to Teddy) said he doesn’t plan to file charges.

So what have we learned today? First, stay off of other peoples property! I don’t know how many times I have to say this. Second, McCain / Palin signs are apparently incredibly valuable which is what seems to be driving people to such lengths to protect them. (My advice, grab as many as you can and sell them on E-bay). Third and most important, do not be afraid to use “deadly force” to protect a piece of cardboard. Guns, grenades, ice picks, brass knuckles, loose nukes…whatever it takes. This is America, dammit to hell, and no one, I mean no one, will sully my political sign!!!

On a side note, it is estimated that “trick or treat” traffic at the homes of Mssrs. Rowles and Turschak will be significantly reduced this year.

Good night and God bless.


8 Responses to Teen Shot / Boy Shocked Over Campaign Signs

  1. UF says:

    I do not see a problem with either of these actions. I must say I would prefer shooting the criminal elements, a much better deterrent.

  2. topher says:

    i agree with shooting at someone over grabbing a sign, really stupid, but i also believe in people having their own opinion, and anyone thinking its ok to take someones sign down in thier his own yard and swapping it out with something they dont believe in then the offending bastard deserves to get the SHIT SHOCKED OUT OF THEM, people put up those signs to show their opinion, if you dont like it tough shit, its their property and their opinion and that little dumbshit had no right to fuck with this sign let alone try to put his own sign on someones private property, i hope his arm is numb for weeks

  3. observer says:

    In the Turschak incident, the signs were connected to a harmless pet-fence, not 110V from a wall you knucklehead.

  4. tannerleah says:

    Note to self – Stay off of “topher’s” property.

  5. tannerleah says:

    observer – So you are saying a “little” torture is alright?

    And to clarify, I am an idiot…not a knucklehead.

  6. tannerleah says:

    UF – Shooting is for pussies. First, you use the Taser on them so they are flopping on the ground. Then you verbally berate them for 30 minutes. Then, just as they are getting their bearings and are trying to escape, take a leg out with your crossbow. Finally, drive your SUV over their head. Game, set and match.

  7. Burn says:

    I could care less who owned the property; the homeowner does clearly believe that the property is his. The real issue is did the boy have the right to take the sign. It is my view that the boy is nothing but a common thief, thought he was cute, and his low life parents are pulling at straws, trying to justify his criminal behavior. The boy and parents are both low lifes

  8. Elizabeth says:

    Voters should be required to take a test before entering the voting booth to prove they are familiar with the issues. Problem solved.

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