What Is The Fascination With Guys Named Joe?

No offense, but I am about up to my neck in hearing references to the name Joe. The latest, of course, is some guy named “Joe the plumber”. Why should I give a flip about this guy? Is he supposed to represent me? And what about all of the other Joe’s out there? Such as:

Joe Six Pack

Joe Camel

Joe Isuzu (God rest his soul)

G.I. Joe

Joe Dirt

Joe Donut (cousin of Larry Lunchbucket)

You get the point. Even if it isn’t a name, it’s a saying. “Say it ain’t so, Joe” or “Your average Joe” or “Have a cup of Joe”. (Seriously? Could there be anything more disgusting than “a cup of Joe?”) Maybe we could just substitute the name Bob for Joe, at least for awhile. Bob the Plumber sounds much less offensive. Probably because it sounds like he could be related to Bob the Builder.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a problem with names in general. Many, in fact, are a lot of fun. Harry Annis, Heywood Jablowme, Phil Hiscock…the list goes on and on. Women can also be included. Annabelle Rangupmyass, Anita Dick, Fannie Sweat, etc. (Ok, I didn’t try very hard with the women’s name’s but I am tired tonight).

I just don’t want to hear another word about anyone named Joe. Besides, all of this Joe stuff is completely sexist anyway. If you want to show the “average” American and use beer as a symbol of the average beverage, then this is what you are looking for:

Blonde, beer and boobs…can you find anything more American? (Granted, I don’t know how a woman can be a Saint but if Jesus is ok with it, who am I to argue?)

EDIT: Another beautiful name. Thanks to “this buddy of mine”.


2 Responses to What Is The Fascination With Guys Named Joe?

  1. How about good old Fred god rest his soul.

  2. tannerleah says:

    That’s good stuff. I’m editing it in so everyone can offer their blessings as well.

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