“The Girls Next Door” – Show Me The Money!

Today, some women at work were talking about this show. For those of you that are not aware, it is a show about the lives of 3 women that live with Hugh Hefner in the Playboy Mansion. I don’t watch the show so I can’t give you much more information than that.

I thought it was fascinating to hear women talk about the show because I was fairly convinced that only men would watch such a show in the first place. I thought most women thought that a) it was gross for an 82 year old man to make out with women 50 years younger than him and b) it stereotypes attractive women as little more than bimbo’s. Turns out I was wrong.

They think what these girls are doing is just grand and wish they could do it themselves. Naturally, I asked them what would they think if it was their daughter living with Hef? Oh, it seems that is an entirely different issue. They have no problem with other women using their body for fame and fortune as long as it is not their own flesh and blood. What a bunch of hypocrites.

This is the same thinking that says it is alright for everyones sons and daughters to go to war but not mine. The war is just dandy as long as I don’t have to get my hands dirty. To be clear, I am not equating blonde, fake boobed airheads with the brave men and women of our Armed Forces. Clearly, there is no comparison.

The other obvious factor here is money. Without his money, Hef is just another dirty old man. I have been saying all along that women will do damned near anything if the price is right. That is almost always met with some holier than thou “I would never do that”. If you would do Hef and his dentures, there is no boundary that you wouldn’t cross. And before you say, “men would do the same thing”, there is no argument! Of course we would! If there was a female equivalent of Hugh Hefner, there would be 200 guys living with her with a line of guys outside of the mansion 8 miles long.

So ladies, time to come down from your high horse and admit that you have the same dirty, cheap side that us men do. It’s Ok! The fact that you choose to act like you don’t doesn’t mean we don’t know the truth. If you could move into Hef’s pad and live the life of luxury, even knowing that you would occasionally have to fornicate with Hugh the skeleton, you would do it in the blink of an eye. Stop lying to yourselves and embrace your dark side. You will feel less conflicted and probably will be able to cut down on your medications significantly.

By the way, as a test, next time you are in Wal Mart, start hitting on the oldest guy you can find. Not nearly as exciting when you know the guy is broke as a fool and has that “old man” smell. is it? Then ask yourself again, “Is it really all about the money?” You bet it is.


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