Is Sarah Palin A Racist?

I caught a lot of flack about my blog on OJ Simpson recently. I was told, by some, that if I felt that way about him, I must be black. That struck me as a racist comment. So, naturally, it got me thinking about people that might also be considered racist based on little evidence. This lead me to ask the question above about Sarah.

Now, I only ask because a couple of times Sarah has gone way out of her way to talk about a gay friend that she has known for many, many years. As we all know, you say things like that so it leads to the assumption that, since you allegedly like one gay person, you are probably ok with all gay people.

She also makes a point about being friends with her Eskimo constituents in Alaska and points out that her husband Todd is 1/4 Eskimo. Again, a specific effort on her part to show that she is tolerant of different races and creeds. This is admirable on her part and she seems to be quite sincere. (Although why Todd brags about being a quarter of anything seems odd to me).

However, what I have yet to see or hear is any reference whatsoever to black people. She doesn’t talk about her “black friend” nor have I ever even seen her in a photo with a black person. After searching far and wide, here is the one exception I could find:

The woman on the right is Maryline Blackburn and she just happened to beat out Sarah for Miss Alaska. Could the seeds of intolerance have been sown at that very moment? After all, by all accounts it was an extremely close contest with Sarah taking 1st runner up as well as Miss Congeniality. Here is the note that Sarah wrote Maryline after the contest:

“I do love you. You’re more admired than even you know. And please keep God Number One. He’s got great things for you, baby. Love, Sarah Heath.”

Hmmm…seems pretty damned bitter to me.

However, I am willing to give Sarah the benefit of the doubt but I at least need to hear her say that she listens to Jay Z or loves Denzel movies. I know she hates Oprah but that is because she couldn’t get on her show… or is it? Simply put, I can’t have a VP that is racist, not even a VPILF. (Especially after Cheney).

So Sarah, tells us about your long lost best friend that just happens to be black. Or how when you went to one of your colleges, you dated a black guy. Or, how you were really sad to see OJ get sent to jail since it was just another example of “the man” holding a brother down. Throw me a bone. Anything. Fo-shizzle.


2 Responses to Is Sarah Palin A Racist?

  1. Jerry A says:

    With her them against us messages, I was wondering the same thing.

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