A Quick Note To My Fellow Shoppers

Would it be too much to ask that when you finish your business transaction, where any kind of line is involved, that you swiftly move along? I am sure you have wonderful, insightful stories to share or maybe you are just trying to be a nice person but here’s the issue. You are wasting my valuable time. The checkout line or drive thru is not your personal shopping area. You don’t get to loiter based on what your personal needs are. You are expected to move your a**.

So, if you simply must chat with the check out girl in some desperate hope that she might find you attractive, do it on her break. Also, if you feel compelled to pull every last freaking bit of food out of your bag to make sure the drive thru got your order correct, at least pull up out of the way. Better yet, just accept the fact that the drive thru has a certain Russian Roulette quality about it. If you order a cheeseburger and get a chicken sandwich, deal with it.

And above all else, DO NOT stand at the checkout line bickering about the price. “Well, the sign said “10% off” so my spandex pants should really be $9, not $10.” First of all, you should beg them to NOT sell you stretchy pants. But besides that, just turn around and ask me to give you a dollar. If it will shut you up and move you along, I will happily donate.

So, while idle banter is perfectly acceptable during the actual check out process, speaking after that point is just poor manners and if I had a gun I would shoot you. Shut your yapper and move on. If you must talk to someone, chat with the welcome guy at Wal-Mart. He is bored to tears and will probably find your stories riveting.

I am Tannerleah and I approve this message.


7 Responses to A Quick Note To My Fellow Shoppers

  1. UF says:

    THAT IS MY NEPHEW!!! Excellent! All of that is in your blood. Very funny, while also true.

  2. tannerleah says:

    UF – I owe all that i have learned about disobedience from you.

  3. UF says:

    Do not blame me for your skewed view of the world.

  4. SD says:

    Stick it – you can wait while I check my order and MY CHANGE…don’t get me started on kids that can’t make change….

  5. tannerleah says:

    Why? So you can go buy even more stuff at the Goodwill?

  6. SD says:


    Maybe…..actually I’m saving up for some new tata’s so I can be well endowed like the rest of the family ;o)

  7. tannerleah says:

    UF – Need a little help here. SD is drunk again.

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