What’s The Deal With Goodwill?

I work in a fairly affluent community. Recently, Goodwill opened a store just down the road from my office. This was confusing to me because I always thought that Goodwill’s primary job was to help the disadvantaged.

I know it used to be that way because, when I was a kid, a lot of my wardrobe would come from there. In those days, having “Goodwill” clothes was not a cool thing to have…kind of like shopping with food stamps. Both were necessary but embarrassing. Having said that, I was thankful they existed because at least I had something to wear and food to eat.

So now I drive by my local Goodwill and see the parking lot full of SUV’s and Volvo’s. When did Volvo Driving Soccer Moms (VDSM’s) become part of the disadvantaged community? Why in the world would you put a Goodwill store in one of the most advantaged neighborhoods in the first place? These people don’t need cheap clothes. Sure, they will take them if you give them to you because they are nothing but greedy, lipstick wearing pigs.

It annoys me that we give our clothes to Goodwill with the inherent understanding that we just might be helping some people down on their luck. People just like me when I was a kid. Not for VDSM’s so they can brag to their cackling hag friends about what a great deal they got on some article of clothing.

First, these people should be embarassed that they are taking advantage of the system. Importantly, however, shame on Goodwill for putting a brand new store in such a stupid location. It might be better for sales and profit but it bastardizes the entire concept of the program. There are a ton of needy people out there and, generally speaking, they are not driving high end vehicles. In fact, they are not driving anything and have no way to get to this store. (Nor are they killing time between getting their Brazilian wax and tanning session).

Greedy people – Keep your butt out of the store and stop leaching off of the “goodwill” of others.

Goodwill – Put your stores where there is a need. If you wanted to build a drop off center here, fine. But to let these vultures take goods that should have gone to the needy is flat out wrong. I know you have a great core message but please, get yourself back on track.

EDIT: I have been told by some very well off people that it is perfectly ok to shop at Goodwill. Fine. Why stop there? I hear you can get some free soup downtown. Load up the fam in the SUV and head on down! Want to say some cash on groceries? Head down to Crackville and offer 50 cents on the dollar for food stamps. (This way, they can buy booze and smokes). Just think of all the money will you be saving that you can then spend at Goodwill.

Jesus would be so proud of you.


10 Responses to What’s The Deal With Goodwill?

  1. O'Level, CSE says:

    ok you made me chuckle with the pig reference 🙂

  2. SD says:

    I’m not sure that you are fully aware of the Goodwill mission – just check this out from the website – i believe everything on the web….

    Goodwill encourages you to donate wisely.

    Not all organizations that collect donations make the best use of them. Some thrift stores solicit donations under the name of a charity, but as little as 5 percent of the money generated from these donations may actually go to the charity. At Goodwill, 84 percent of our revenues are used to fund our employment and training programs. Goodwill is consistently ranked among top charities that make your donations go further.

  3. tannerleah says:

    SD – You are missing the bigger point. I appreciate they are doing a good job. My problem is that they are making money off of the wrong people! When rich people like you go in and buy a nice coat, then poor people like me never get a shot at it. Sure you saved a few bucks but who cares? You are loaded! You should be at Macy’s buying your stuff at retail.

    Why am I the only person that gets it?

  4. O'Level, CSE says:

    I get it TL the haves should be dropping off not picking up!

  5. SD says:

    Oh I get it but there’s a reason I’m rich….cuz I shop at Goodwill. Geeez don’t you get it?

    The more I buy the more people get trained – see I’m doing good ;o)

  6. tannerleah says:

    SD – No problem. Oh, to be sure, you are going to burn in hell for taking from the poor. However, you will look damn good when you get there!

  7. ae says:

    I understand your concern. Have you considered the possibility that Goodwill’s primary mission isn’t found in the retail stores but in the money that the retail stores raise in order to provide various job training services to the disadvantaged and disabled? (Unlike other thrift/secondhand stores such as the Salvation Army or others who have the primary goal of providing affordable clothing, etc., to the disadvantaged vs. free job training?) I wouldn’t be surprised to find that this particular store actually has higher prices than your standard Goodwill store, providing even more monetary support to Goodwill’s primary mission. Or this may even be a “boutique” Goodwill store whose inventory has been culled from other Goodwill distribution centers in the area specifically because they can be priced higher for this affluent community…

  8. tannerleah says:

    ae – I am sure the folks at Goodwill know what they are doing and the business model makes sense for them.

    For me, it is a conceptual issue. The thought of average folks dropping off clothes for those that need some help is how I see Goodwill. The fact that wealthy and well off folks are taking those clothes, even if it is helping in other areas, just doesn’t sit well with me. Maybe they have “high end” stores…I just don’t think of Goodwill in those terms.

  9. SD says:

    Guess who I met this evening….yep, the Director of Goodwill – great lady by the way. She wants to chat with you. the best part of our conversation this evening was that she let in on a little secret:


    it’s where the good stuff is sold. cha-ching

  10. tannerleah says:

    Well, that seals it. Goodwill is a whore.

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