Presidential Debate # 1

The biggest thing I remember about last night’s debate was how much trouble I was having staying awake. McCain and Obama were both making me incredibly sleepy. I am not sure if it was their tone or lack of enthusiasm but it was like reading a bad book. Sleepy, sleepy, sleepy…

Anyway, here are some things that I did manage to remember. First, how come Mac never looked at Rack? Due to John’s age, my guess is he is afraid to look at black people directly in the eye. It would have been funny if Obama had done a fake lunge at Mac. He would have filled his Depends in the blink of an eye.

As far as Obama goes, when did he first get this stuttering impediment that kept popping up? If I had a nickel for every time he said “and”, I would loan it to the feds and solve the financial crisis today. (Not really. I would keep the money and buy an island somewhere…maybe Great Britain). Plus, stop shaking your head and smirking! People hated it when Gore did it and we still hate it. Knock it off!

Overall, I guess I was just bored with the constant jabbing. Obama should have said, “What constitutes winning in Iraq? You keep saying we can’t afford to lose but how will we know that we have won?” On the other hand, McCain should have looked the half black man in the eye and said, “Why do you vote ‘present’ so often? Have you ever made a gut decision in your life like I so often had to when fighting for my country and my life in Viet Nam?”  

But no, they just gibber jabbered with each other endlessly. Both afraid to offend anyone or throw out something truly unique are creative. Both trying their hardest to play for a tie rather then beat the crap out of the other guy. I did think it was funny when they were comparing wrist bands. McCain: “I have a wrist band.” Obama: “I have a wrist band too!” Pathetic. Gee, I can hardly wait for the next 2 riveting debates.

The other big thing that struck me about last night was after the debate. On every channel I flipped to, Joe Biden was showing up throwing bombs at McCain. After he was done, every announcer would say the same thing. “We invited Governor Palin to join us but she declined.” WTF? She can’t even be trusted to give a 2 minute wrap up to the debate talking about how well she thought her guy did?

I know that, in general, Republicans think as little of women as does the Catholic Church. Still, you guys picked her to be on your team! She can’t sit on the bench forever. The party is making her look like a complete imbecile. She is a nervous wreck when they do let her answer questions because she is scared to death to screw up. She made it to Governor. Seriously, how bad could it be?

I finally did track down Sarah at an Irish pub in Philly

OMG! Look! She was even rocking the hair down, casual look! How could you guys not let her go on TV? Idiots, every last one of them. I hope to God that if McCain loses, Sarah gets a talk show and then they can see what a huge mistake they made by keeping her in the back seat. Republican women…where the hell are you? Oh, that’s right, walking 4 steps behind your man or baking cookies. Wait, you’re not? Then tell McCain to take the shackles off and let our girl fly!


6 Responses to Presidential Debate # 1

  1. merge divide says:

    Interesting to read a fairly “unbiased” analysis. If you are interested, see my thoughts:


  2. tannerleah says:

    Merge – very nice summation. I agree with you about the “Miss Congeniality” remarks. On the one hand, he goes on about “crossing the aisle” yet he then brags about people not liking him. Huh?

  3. UF says:

    Hey TL where have you been? Oboma always stutters and hnnnnnn’s and but’s without a teleprompter. He is very good at reading and repeating what he has learned, I doubt if he has had an original thought. I do agree nothing new comes from these debates, and I wish they would unleash Sarah and let her spew true conservatism.

  4. tannerleah says:

    UF – Wait a minute…Sarah is conservative? I need to reconsider my love for her. Is she going to go all Jesus on us and talk about killing babies? That would really harsh by mellow.

  5. art vandelay says:

    Obama could quite possibly be the anti-christ….hmmmm.

  6. tannerleah says:

    art – Can a Muslim be the anti-christ? Isn’t that against the rules?

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