Let Sarah Palin Speak!!!

C’mon. Tina Fey has held more press conferences than Sarah Palin lately. Why is she being so tightly reigned in? What could she possibly say that will be so offensive to people? Bush Sr. had Dan Quayle and he still won. Sarah is light years ahead of Dan when it comes to brains.

I know she gets to give her stump speech most everyday but I need new stuff. I suppose this is all an effort to keep the expectations low before her debate with Joe Biden. That way, when she smokes Biden, and i suspect she will, she will look even that much more intelligent.

The problem is that by that time, Mac might have dug such a deep hole for team McPalin, that no matter what she does it won’t matter. The “man” needs to stop holding our girl down and let her spread her wings. I want to hear what she thinks about the world we live in. I want to know if she can see Putin jogging from her house. I want to know if Jesus has told her about anymore upcoming wars. I want to know how come her husband is always travelling with her and not at work. (I want a gig like that).

I think that the more we know about Sarah, the more we will like her. Why? Because I suspect she is more like the rest of us than anyone else currently in major politics. I don’t have all of the answers and I appreciate the fact that she doesn’t either. This is a strength…not a weakness.

So Mac, take the gag out of Sarah’s mouth and let her cut loose. Said another way, more moose and lipstick jokes, please. She is the best thing that ever happened to your campaign and you are completely screwing it up. I know it’s a guy thing to wield all of the power but you are making a huge mistake. I want to see Sarah bust out all over the place! (And I mean that in a completely non sexual way…kind of).


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