The Ever Shrinking Celebrity

Now that 2/3’s of Americans are either overweight or obese, there seems to be an inverse truth as it relates to celebrities. With the new TV season here, there has been a barrage of media covering all of the shows. The one thing that I continue to notice is how tiny the women / girls seem to be getting. Here is a photo of some of the cast of the new 90210.

Who exactly is this thin look supposed to appeal to? Certainly not old guys like me, I get that. But do young men / boys really find this sexy? Is it appealing to young women / girls? I suppose it must be because all businesses are run to make money and if the execs running these shows felt it was hurting business, it wouldn’t happen. Still, is it the publics desire or is it being forced fed (no pun intended) down our throat?

This also reminded me of the flap about how “fat” Jennifer Love Hewitt had become in this photo.

Really? I just don’t get it. To me, there is something abusive in the way that these young people are being manipulated to meet certain unhealthy standards. I know that this is nothing new but it does seem to be getting continually worse. I also know that these people have the choice to not participate in this process but let’s get serious…what young person is not going to do whatever it takes to be on a TV show?

And by the way, where is the female outrage on this subject? Never mind how upset or pleased you are about Hillary and Sarah. They are grown ups and can take care of themselves. But everyday our young people are being convinced that 90 pounds is a good thing and that thinner is better. Why no boycotting or picketing in this area?

I am all for being healthy and staying fit and trim. (One day, I might even get off of my couch and join that group). But I also know that this relentless barrage of unreasonable and unhealthy standards is taking its toll on our society. Some countries have banned models for being too thin. I would suggest that is a mindset this country needs to get to fairly quickly. Not because we run the risk of having a bunch of stick thin people walking around. That is not the issue. The issue is the self loathing because the average person can’t meet this ridiculous standard. There are a lot of real problems in our lives. Not being a size zero should not be one of them.

Didn’t know what an awesome feminist I could be, did ya?

Edit: Turns out I am waaaay behind the curve on this according to my wife. Too bad, it’s new to me.


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