Does A Degree Matter?

Mike wrote an interesting blog about the relative value of having various degrees or certifications. You can read it here:

Generally speaking, I try not to talk about the various certifications and professional degrees I have as I think it could drive a potential wedge between myself and readers of this blog.

Those intitials after a name look good but I am not sure how much they matter. One of Mike’s readers has the intitials “PMP” in his title. First, I didn’t even know that you could get a degree as a pimp plus I am not sure why you would brag about it. Still, I am sure the guy put in some hard work to get it so why not throw it out there.

Initials seem to also be a big part of our culture. Even Mike’s company name is “thoughLEADERS, LLC”. What do you suppose the LLC stands for? Could be “Likely Lacking Cash” but who knows? The point is that it looks official! 

In the end, I suppose using professional intitials is perfectly appropriate. This one time, I will sign off with my appropriate title. (Just don’t let it make you feel any less about who you are!) Yours warmly,

tannerleah, GED


One Response to Does A Degree Matter?

  1. O'Level, CSE says:

    Hi GED
    I can do better than that 🙂

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