Obama Waffles – Breakfast Of Champions

This is the part of politics that is particularly impressive to me. First, there is the whole “lipstick on a pig” controversy. (By the way, even though it is true that if you put lipstick on a pig, it is still a pig. You would have to agree that it is usually a much more sexy and attractive pig, no?).

Now, we have the “Obama Waffles” dust up. If you look closely at these pictures, you might see a very subtle hint of racism and religious prejudice.

Of course, like the New Yorker cover, this is just satire. It’s all in good humor, right? This is what our politics consist of today and my… doesn’t it make us proud.

I remember when Obama was giving lofty speeches about racial reconciliation and the role of fathers in America early in his campaign. It seemed he was actually trying to have a grown up conversation with the nation. I thought to myself, “Who in the hell does he think is actually listening to this?” Do you really think that racists want to be told how not to be racist? Do you also think that male sperm donors want to be scolded about their obligations as the father of any number of children? Hell no!

When Jimmy “Peanut” Carter told Americans in 1979 that they needed to “sacrifice” to break the addiction to foreign oil, Ronald Reagan came in and said, “Bullspit! This is America and we can have whatever we want. Sacrifice is for pu**ies”. (Or words to that effect). That is the America we know and love today.

One day, we won’t be able to shrug off the Fannie and Freddie collapses, incur more debt, ignore all of our internal conflicts, keep pace with our competitors or fight the fights we should be fighting. One day, my friends, our debts will come due. But until that day comes, screw it! Get the plastic out, stock up on PBR and spend as much as you want on that plasma TV. Worrying is for soft, communist liberals. You see that bright, shiny light on the hill? That’s Vegas baby! Go for it!


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