Georgia On My Mind

Anna asked for my thoughts on the Georgia / Russia conflict. First, thanks for asking! I have nothing of any real value to say so being asked to add even more useless information to this site is encouraging.

I have not said anything about this subject to date because it is a serious subject and I try to tread lightly on such matters. This way, my house doesn’t get fire bombed. Having said that, I am insured so what the hell.

First of all, I admire the Georgian president, Mikheil Saakashvili, for sacking up and taking on the Russians. They have seemingly been prodding him for some time and he finally did something about it. The problem is, in this fight, Georgia is me in a Speedo and Russia is Michael Phelps. Not much of a match up. Maybe Saakashvili thought his neighbors would run to his aid…possibly even America. Bad guess on his part.

Seems the US is a bit pre-occupied in “ridding the world of evil” so we are unavailable. (Hmm…I wonder if Putin already knew that). In any case, Russia has pummeled Georgia and dared someone to do something about it. The US said, “you better quit it or you are really going to be in trouble!” After Putin stopped laughing, they acquiesced, a little bit.

Let there be no doubt. Russia has every intention of subverting the local governments it is desiring to overthrow. Georgia just happened to be up first on the list. No need for Ukraine, Latvia and Estonia to be getting comfortable either. Their day is coming. 

Who is going to stop this Russian train? It won’t be the Russian people because they are not exactly having an easy time of it. If they can get a better life out of the deal, they will take it. Ethnic cleansing be damned. That is not a criticism but desperate people do desperate things. The US? Nope. Got other business we are tending to. (Though we did scold Russia and tell them that we would not work out a nuclear (not pronuounced nuke-u-lar) peace agreement with them. That probably really hurt their feelings).

No, I suspect it will be the international community stepping up to the plate. What choice do they really have? The EU has the most to gain, or lose, short term although many others are also going to need to get involved in the long haul. It is a shame that the US will be Viagra-less in this situation and have to limp along and just watch what happens (pun intended).

There used to do something called “negotiating” back in the day. That’s when people from different countries would talk to each other and try to work things out so that everyone got something out of the deal. What a bunch of pu**ies we were back then. Hang in there Georgia. Once we destroy Iraq and Iran and North Korea and Pakistan and whoever else is on the list, we will pound the crap out of Russia. Just like Rocky did to Drago! U-S-A!!! U-S-A!!! U-S-A!!! (Shame that Apollo Creed died, I really liked him).


2 Responses to Georgia On My Mind

  1. Very interesting article, anywhere before anything like this unreadable, thanks for posting the article, was certainly a great read!

  2. tannerleah says:

    indians – Thanks for the comment, much appreciated.

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