Why John McCain Got Divorced

I can’t believe I have to explain this but some people seem to be confused as to why John McCain divorced his first wife Carol Shepp (who was previously divorced when she met John) after 14 years of marriage. Maybe men just have better vision in this area but for those that are having trouble following along, let me try to explain.

Big Mac married Carol, who was a swimwear model from Philly, in 1965. All was well until two huge things happened. First, Mac became a POW. Unfortunately, while he was imprisoned, his wife was in a terrible car accident that put her in the hospital for 6 months and resulted in 23 operations. When Mac returned home from the war, his wife was now 4 inches shorter, heavier, and using crutches to get around. A horrible story for all involved.

With all of the trauma both endured, the marriage suffered and was not panning out. Fortunately for John, he met Cindy Hensley who happened to be a former USC cheerleader and part of a very wealthy family. Did you see what I just wrote? Wealthy, USC cheerleader! Let’s take a look at the two women John was torn between:

Seriously, what is so hard to understand about the fact that John picked the smoking hot, wealthy blond? Men seem to have no problem understanding how obvious of a choice this is but women seem to be conflicted. Go figure…

So the big question is, did John make the right choice? Let’s look at the current photo’s:

The defense rests his case. John McCain – War hero and guy that knows his women!

Now before any of you get upset, let me make it clear that most men are not hypocrites in this area. If you ask any of us, we will tell you exactly who we would leave our current mate for. In my case, I think Salma Hayek would probably fit the bill.

And ladies, don’t kid yourself into thinking you wouldn’t do the same thing if Johnny Depp or Ed McMahon came knocking on the door. You’re not kidding anyone. As the great Tina Turner said, “What’s love got to do with it?”


8 Responses to Why John McCain Got Divorced

  1. margotmarrakesh says:

    It’s clear you don’t understand most women, as they would NOT leave a mate for the reason you imply. However, I did appreciate your essay, and it gave me a more clear picture of the male psyche. Thank you.

    Margot, in Marrakesh

  2. tannerleah says:

    Margot, you are correct. I have no clue when it comes to women. Also, I think it is fair to say that mine is not the average male psyche. I am particularly unbalanced so please don’t give up on the rest of the male population.

  3. kate48nc says:

    Sorry, I can’t agree with you on this. If McCain divorced his wife because she had the misfortune of being in a terrible accident and gaining weight, that doesn’t say alot for his character in my opinion. He should have stuck by his wife, supported her and helped her through her recovery. Didn’t she stick by him while he as a POW?
    I understand that McCain and his current wife obtained a marriage license while he was still married to his first wife..hmmmm… He should be ashamed of not supporting the same woman that supported him and that has nothing to do with the male psyche.

  4. tannerleah says:

    I really have to call BS here. If my wife’s favorite, George Clooney, came walking through the door and swept her off her feet, I would be out of the picture in the blink of an eye. Everyone has someone, or something, that they would not be able to resist. (Luckily, as we all know, George swings the other way so I don’t have to worry about him).

  5. danielbennett1980 says:

    George Clooney swings the other way? Wow. I honestly did not know that. But, celebrity gossip aside, While this blog is entertaining, I hope no one takes it as an honest glimpse into the “male psyche.” Unfortunatley we men are often protrayed as knuckle dragging neanderthals who couldn’t be faithful to our wives if our lives depended on it, and that’s simply not true.

  6. tannerleah says:

    It’s true about George…I read it on the Internet (Where I get all of my info).

    I am faithful to to my wife but I am still a knuckle dragging neanderthal. I have really, really long arms and lots of hair on my back. I often wear it in braids.

  7. Martygraz says:

    The only Love worth giving and recieving is blind.

    It sounds like Mc.Cain did the first wife a favor. Let’s pray she met somone nice.

    How does Cindy Mc.Cain get around without a guide-dog?

  8. tannerleah says:

    Martygraz – Yeah, I get why John went after Cindy but I still don’t see why she went after him. Maybe it was the whole war hero thing.

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