Microwave Killer Escapes Death Penalty

Normally, people that do particularly crazy things like kill their baby are mentally incompetent. I understand that and often feel that the death penalty serves no purpose in those cases. They are so far gone mentally that they have no clue what they are doing.

This does not seem to be the case for the latest infamous child killer, China Arnold. Arnold, from Ohio (what is going on in the Buckeye state?), microwaved her month old baby to death and was found guilty.

Initially, the defense said she didn’t do it. They suggested some kid just walked into her apartment, picked up the baby and chucked it into the microwave. Sounds fairly plausible, no? The jury didn’t buy it either. So, when she was found guilty, they said she was drunk so you really can’t totally blame her.

I suspect that 90% of you reading this have been drunk. Ever occur to you to toss your baby, nephew, dog, night-crawler or any other living thing in the microwave? If so, stop reading this and immediately call your doctor. You need your meds increased.

So, although i am not a fan of the death penalty, China needs to bite the big one. By all accounts, she was coherent (albeit drunk) before and after the event. If microwaving your baby does not qualify for the death penalty, what in the world does? C’mon, Gov. Strickland (live up to your name), get it together and do the right thing.


One Response to Microwave Killer Escapes Death Penalty

  1. anonymous says:

    Only God has the right to take life away, killing does not justify another’s death. Sadly there was no evidence that China was the actual person to put the child in the microwave, but there was a 5 yr old witness who claimed seing another child do it. I think she should be responsible for negeting the baby, being drunk with children is ridiculous. I don’t know maybe she was so drunk she did it by mistake. It could have been she went crazy or suffered from a deep depressed state. Or possible someone else really did it, and she was too drunk to realise or passed out. China does have 3 smart healthy children and she did attempt to save her child. Hospital works stated she was shocked to even here the baby was microwaved. I do not find the death penalty justified in any case. But i do believe she should be punished for neglect because her drunken state caused the baby’s safety to be compromised. If she would not have been drunk, it never would have happened.

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