McCain + Obama = Useless

So I watched the Q&A last night at the Saddleback Church. I thought the church was near L.A. so I figured it would probably be multi-ethnic. Instead, there were more white people packed in there than at an NHL game…in Canada. (Maybe some Hispanics get to clean the joint at night).

In any case, each candidate spewed forth the same rhetoric that we have all heard for quite some time now. Pastor Rick had the perfect opportunity to hold these guys feet to the proverbial fire but instead chose to pander to his audience.

Here are the questions he should have asked.

Senator McCain, you have been in the Senate for about 100 years now and I have seen several pictures of you hugging and kissing President Bush. Since you guys seem to be getting along, why don’t you have him call Congress back into session to solve some of the crucial problems we have? Also, when you and your previous best friend Reagan had the Congress and Senate under Republican control, why didn’t you solve the energy crisis then? Why have you been waiting all of this time? Were you not aware of the problem? What the hell have you been doing on Capital Hill for the last 28 years? All you seem to have going for you is McCain-Feingold…not exactly riveting stuff.

Senator Obama, you have been against the war since you were eleven. I commend you on your foresight. In 2006, the American public threw out a huge number of Republicans so you and your peeps could end the war…which you promised to do. Instead none of you have done a damned thing about it but talk to the point that my ears are bleeding. The Democrats control the Congress and the Senate. What are you, Reid and Pelosi waiting for? Oh, that’s right. You don’t actual want to solve the problem, you just want to complain about it.

Both of these useless candidates have been talking about what they are going to do starting in January of 2009. Seems they have killed the last 2 years doing absolutely nothing but talking. How awesome would it have been if one of these two useless people had actually done something in the meantime? They have the political sway to do things now but instead it is just more talk.

While we the American population passively watch, we are getting our asses kicked in every measurable metric. In the post 9/11 time-frame, you both had a perfect opportunity to challenge the American people to take on all of the problems we currently face. You could have wrapped it up in an American flag and we would have answered the call. Instead…absolutely nothing. No leadership, no concern for the health and welfare of our country, no vision to speak for future generations, just that same tired partisan “you suck, I don’t”.

How about this for a commitment? McCain and Obama, please repeat after me. “I promise to stop being a politician and start being an American. I will do what is right versus what is politically expedient. I will make decisions that will likely piss off both liberals and conservatives but that is the way it has to be. I will not be defined by a label or follow the money trail. I will leave a legacy that will make our children and grandchildren as proud of this generation as we are of “The Greatest Generation”.

That’s it. I would have them say more but it would likely make me hurl. The time for talking is over, McBama. Shut up and actually do something.


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