The Catholic Rulebook…

Has just been updated by the Archdiocese of Cincinnati. The new rules state that Priest’s can no longer kiss, tickle or wrestle children. They are also prohibited from giving bear hugs, piggyback rides or letting the children sit on their laps.

Does this strike anyone else as slightly overzealous? How can you expect a Priest to do his job if you take away his ability to kiss and wrestle a little? What kind of world is it where the Pope can’t give bear hugs anymore? (Or at least piggyback rides).

Fortunately, not all of the fun behaviors we have come to know and expect over the years have been eliminated. Lusting, leering, ogling and just plain creepiness are still perfectly acceptable. Not to mention complete immunity from The Church for any excessively inappropriate behavior. (Besides maybe being moved to a new parish 2 blocks away).

Jesus must be so proud.


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