John Edwards

No, I am not annoyed with John Edwards. He is as deceitful and disingenuous as every other politician out there. The list of “fallen” American politicians is ridiculously long so adding Edwards name to the list is insignificant.

I am annoyed by the people that are “outraged” by this behavior. (Or even disappointed). Why would you be? First, you have never met the man so you don’t know the first thing about him. For all any of us know, he slept with a different woman every night and then beat his wife when he got home. He, and all other celebrities / politicians are complete strangers and we should have no expectations.

Second, are there really people out there they still hold any politician in high esteem? I mean from JFK to Clinton (just in my lifetime), there is a fairly clear track record of stupid behavior. I will give JFK some credit…at least Marilyn Monroe was hot. Edwards and Clinton’s “liaisons”, not so much.

The only hope I have these day is that when someone does get caught, it brings a little levity into my life. Senator Larry “Toe Tappin” Craig did it right. Thanks to Larry, we learned a bunch of stuff about gay culture plus we got to repeatedly see the video of him saying:

“The American people already know that Bill Clinton is a bad boy – a naughty boy. I’m going to speak out for the citizens of my state, who in the majority think that Bill Clinton is probably even a nasty, bad, naughty boy.”

That was awesome! He probably was sporting some wood when those words were coming out of his mouth. Plus, he is just a freakish looking guy. Larry is the best.

I am sure we will hear about Obama having some affair and we already know McCain dumped his wife for a trophy wife. (With a ton of cash which makes it an extra smart choice). This is the world we live in. So, if anything, enjoy these revelations and realize that eventually, the American public will have had enough and throw all of the bums out. In the meantime, for Gods sake, don’t let any of these guys around your loved ones.

Edit: As to Lieberman getting caught cheating, he already was.


One Response to John Edwards

  1. Elizabeth says:

    One politician you won’t be reading about in the National Enquirer (EVER) is Joe Lieberman. I would put my money on Mitt Romney too.

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